i woke up at 7am so i could go down to harvard square and catch the cambridge half marathon. the race itself started at 7am, but i did the math, and most of the runners won't be in harvard square (mile 10) until after 8am. i left my house around 7:50am, pumping the squishy tires before riding down to harvard square. i wore a pair of flannel-lined pants and a wool sweater, had my hat and gloves on. the starting temperature this morning at 7am was 31°F, but by the time i left it'd gone up to 38°F.

i parked at the corner of eliot and jfk street, in front of the dunkin' donuts. runners were already running by when i arrived. i took some photos on jfk st, before walking uphill and then heading east on mt.auburn street. the eastern morning light was perfect here, bathing every runners in a studio glow, it was the best spot to be. reflection off of nearby windows on commercial properties also contributed to the glorious lighting. there were too many photo opportunities, i looked for the most interesting runners to capture. i shot with my 55-250mm lens at f/8 with a 400 ISO, shutter speed ranging from 1/800 to 1/3200.

i started heading back by 8:45am, the race was starting to thin out. i biked by the charles hotel, the farmer's market was just setting up, not opened until 10am. instead of waiting, i decided to go home first.

back at home i used the bathroom before taking a shower. by the time i was finished, it was time to leave again. i went back to the charles hotel, back to the farmer's market. my mother wanted me to buy some specialty radishes. i didn't see any and called her asking for a description. "egg-shaped, purple," she said, but i didn't see them, so i left.

i gathered up my things and took the motorcycle to belmont by 10:40am. i was showing my mother photos from the farmer's market and there was one photo of a bunch of tubers which turned out to be the radishes she wanted. she decided to call my sister and go down to harvard square herself to get them.

while my mother left, my father and i were in the backyard doing more clean-up. he continued removing dead vines from the various trellises, while i tilled the soil in RB4. i also dumped out my two lotus barrels. i tried removing the lotus plants from the clay mud, but only managed to get segments before they broke. i'm going to try growing them indoors in small containers. my father also disconnected most of the rain barrels and left them to drain, while restoring the downspouts.

i went back inside by 1pm to watch the patriots-panthers game. my mother came home around 1:30pm, bringing with her a box of bonchon fried chicken wings. apparently she and my sister met my 2nd aunt in harvard square, who bought the wings for me.

as for the football game, the first quarter was stressful as neither teams could score, with both defenses stifling the offense. it didn't help that new england kept making turnovers. things picked up in the 2nd quarter, patriots got two touchdowns while the panthers only managed 2 field goals. in the 3rd the patriots scored on a pick-six which seemed to sap the energy out of the panthers, who didn't score in the entire second half. final score was 24-6.

for dinner we made gochujang stew. unfortunately we didn't add enough gochujang so it was hardly spicy, the stew a brown color instead of the typical korean red. we ate it with rice, it became more of a curry than an actual stew. i've not adverse to korean food, but next time we'll try a different recipe.

temperature was 42°F by the time i rode home. i didn't have to turn on the choke to get the engine started.