i had a can of soup for lunch before leaving for chinatown and haymarket at 1:30pm. today was the 5th consecutive gray day but at least it wasn't raining (that comes tomorrow. which would make it the 6th consecutive day where we don't see the sun).

i only went to ming's market. big news there was they increased the price of three deer brand pickled sour mustard by 40¢ to $1.69. i mostly got snacks and some jarred side dishes for rice porridges.

i then cut through chinatown proper and downtown crossing to get to haymarket. all the packages baby cucumbers i saw last week were all gone, though 2 vendors were selling them loosely by the pound ($1/lbs). i left with: 4 lbs. of baby cucumbers ($4), 6 red longhorn peppers ($1), 6 red plums ($1), 4 bokchoi ($1), and 4 fuyu persimmons ($2). my mother asked for guava but nobody had them. overall, pickings were slim, not sure if i'm going back next week. maybe when winter comes and oranges are in season i can pick up some cheap citrus but right now there isn't a lot of selection.

i left haymarket by 2:45pm. when i got back home, i went out again, this time to market basket. i couldn't find any good scallions at neither chinatown or haymarket, so ended up getting some from my usual place. when i got back home my package from petco was waiting on my doorstep, a new glass lid ($13) for my aquarium tank. it was free next-day delivery via doordash, i was given the option to tip but i didn't, and i felt a little guilty afterwards.

i bumped into david, he said he was moving out on sunday (some friends were coming to help him move), i asked him to slip the house key into my mail slot so i can let the plumber into the house on wednesday.

i went out one last time, to star market, to get some seedless red grapes on sale. i also picked up 3 bags of halloween candy on sale ($10), all for me, i'm not planning on giving them away. when i came out of the supermarket i briefly saw some blue sky for the first time in a long time.

another package waited on my doorstep: it was the plastic wide mouth mason jar lids i ordered from ebay. i was excited to finally receive them but when i opened them up i saw they were cheap lids and not leak-proof, looked nothing like the photos. i went to ebay immediately and filed a return. serves me right trying to go cheap when i should've just gotten them from amazon.

i set up the glass aquarium lid. the reason why i got a new one was the old one was etched in protein so it wasn't clear anymore. i can't remember when i got this glass lid, probably right when i started really getting into aquariums, so 2007 or before that even. the only thing i don't like about these glass lids is that the hinge is in the middle, so it partially blocks my led light. i experimented with going lidless a few days ago, but i rather have a lid, to prevent fishes from jumping out and to stop evaporation.

soups aren't very filling as i was hungry enough by late afternoon to make myself a bowl of indomie mi goreng. later in the evening i made some white cheddar shell pasta with chopped kale for dinner. i spent the rest of the evening binging on the first season of the wire.