i had to take my sister to her colonoscopy appointment at 12pm today. seems like everyone in my family has gotten a colonoscopy except for me (my mother back in 2019, my father in 2016). even though it was still very wet and windy outside, i decided to bike down to the cafe after pumping up my front tire (which had gone flat again). it wasn't raining but there was this foggy mist and the streets were littered with wind swept leaves and small twigs. i didn't see any toppled trees although i saw online photos of some tree damage elsewhere (mostly the south shore area).

the new upright freezer (our third) was due to arrive today. they contacted my father yesterday, gave him a 7-11am window. he didn't have to wait long because they called him this early this morning sometime after 7am to let him know they'd arrive in half an hour. my father drove down to the cafe to let the delivery guys into the basement. they also took away the old broken chest freezer, and along with a used air conditioner cage after my father tipped them $20. he then went back to belmont to pick up my mother.

the colonoscopy was at the mt.auburn hospital, close enough that we could've walked if the weather wasn't so crappy. my sister told me her appointment was actually at 1pm but they told her to come an hour early. i actually didn't have to be there, as the hospital would call me after my sister was discharged to come and pick her up. but i had my phone (and my backup battery if i ran out of juice) so i waited in the lobby area by the entrance, looking out the window, surfing the internet. around 1:30pm the GI department called me to let me know my sister's exam was over but she was resting in the recovery room. if i arrived at 2:15pm, they'd wheel her outside if i parked in front of the hospital. i told them i was actually here already, they said i could come and pick up her directly from the office. so i waited another half hour before i went to the office. a nurse brought out my sister. she seemed fine, i asked if she could drive, she answered no.

so we walked back out to the car parked across the street and i drove the 0.7 miles back to the cafe.

my mother made a bento box for me to take home before i left. they had lots of food today but no customers because of the bad weather, nobody wanted to be outside. i biked home but the plastic bag i'd put over my seat had been blown away so i rode back sitting on a wet saddle, soaking my jeans and underwear in the process. the weather was also pretty raw, that cold mist continues to coat the air, i dug out the wool hat from my jacket pocket to keep myself warm.

i didn't get home until after 3pm. after changing out of my wet jeans, i immediately had the bento box for late lunch.

i removed the glass lid from my aquarium today. it's there to keep the water from evaporating and also to prevent fish from jumping out of the tank. i did it mostly so the led light can have an unobstructed view of the plants before, as the glass lid was started to be permanently etched in protein and there was a black hinge bar in the middle of the lid.

i had some blue cheese and crackers as a late afternoon snack. i drank several glasses of black tea. i feel asleep for an hour between 6-7pm. it was cold in the house (63°F) and i didn't have any pants on, so i used the sofa pillows as a blanket to keep my legs warm. i didn't eat dinner until 9pm, reheated a bowl of leftover rice porridge from yesterday.