i went to bed last night at 2:30am and didn't wake up until 11am, after having slept less than 3 hours wednesday night. i ate some greek yogurt for lunch. my bathroom project for the day was to take some leftover pulp insulation and try to stuff it back into the gaps. unfortunately i couldn't quite get my hands to fit between the pipes, and even less so when i made a fist. i think for those gap spaces it's better just to use regular fiberglass insulation. i also removed the screws from the 2x4.

i left for chinatown by 2:15pm. i was worried about my bike but the chain never skipped once. it was a coolish day with temperature in the lower 60's. i wore a long-sleeved pullover which was enough since i warmed up after a few minutes of pedalling.

i arrived at c-mart by 2:40pm. the only thing i wanted to get was some more green plums, but i left with some snacks. i didn't need anything from ming's market so i didn't go there. instead i cut across chinatown to get to haymarket.

i stopped briefly in chinatown because today is actually communist china independence day. i wanted to see the annual battle of chinese vs taiwanese flags.

i was looking for baby cucumbers at haymarket but didn't find any. i left with: 14 orange habanero peppers ($2), 4 passion fruits ($1), 8 parsnips ($2), 14 navel oranges ($4), 1 lbs. of shishito peppers ($1), and 2 pineapples ($2). i plan on making a new batch of extra hot sauce with the habaneros.

i left boston by 3:45pm and got back home by 4:10pm. i baked some soft pretzels as a snack then took a shower afterwards. later i did a load of laundry. for dinner i finished the last of my leftover congee. i notified my father that the osmanthus fragans 'fudingzhu' we ordered had arrived (i was notified via e-mail). from the webcam i saw the size, bigger than i expected. he said there were even a bunch of fragrant flowers on the stems, i see for myself tomorrow morning.