i could feel it this morning, the changing of the weather. actually, i felt it last night when i had the bathroom window opened a slight crack. i closed it before going to bed, and it was freezing outside, temperature probably in the 50's, but when you've experienced 80-90's summertime temperatures, 50's is a little shocking. the weather will be cold for the rest of this week: 60-70's daytime, 40-50's nighttime. just waiting for that indian summer!

it's been 9 days since the last time i was in the community garden. once again, i was the only person there. i did some cleaning today, untangling some hyacinth bean vines and cutting back all the spent garlic chive flowers before they cast their seeds everywhere. i saw my monkshood plants have formed some immature flowers. i collected some small shriveled eggplants and a few red tomatoes before i left, as well as some nigella seed pods.

i took a quick peek of the concord grapes in the back of the community garden. they're not in great shapes either, diseased leaves and shriveled grapes. does anyone have any good grapes around here? is it just impossible, given the amount of diseases? i also spotted a sign at the crepes & waffles place, saying there was new management coming. i've only been in that place one time, not to eat, but to ask some census questions about a neighbor. i would've preferred it stayed as the old oxford spa, where i've occasionally gotten sandwiches from. their larry bird was especially good, a hearty thanksgiving turkey sandwich any time of the year.

i left for belmont around noontime. my parents were on a supply run with my sister's godmother and wouldn't return home until later in the afternoon. i rearranged the sofa slipcover, raised the couch so i could pull the stretch fabric underneath the seats for a tighter cleaner fit. afterwards i mowed the lawn, raising the mower up by 1 full positions (2 clicks). my parents got home when i was nearly done with the backyard. while my father watered the front lawn, i watered the back.

my father grilled some food for dinner: korean style short ribs, zucchini slices, and some grass-fed organic beef hot dogs i spiral cut. afterwards we finished the last of our brown sugar boba popsicles, as costco no longer carries them, based on our recent visits.

i left, bringing back with me some more long beans to ferment, and a bag of painting tools. i really have to get started on fixing the hole in my bathroom wall, before the cool weather starts seeping in. it shouldn't be too hard to fix, i've just been procrastinating. actually, i'm not sure about the difficulty, having never repaired a wall before, but i've been picturing it in my mind for months now, and i think i have an idea of how it's going to work. it all starts with some light demolition first, and possibly watching a few youtube videos about drywall repairs to psyche myself up for the job.