today was a day waiting for rain, but the most we got was just an intermittent splash that would just as soon dry up. in hindsight, i could've gone to haymarket (to get some baby pickles) or chinatown (to get some green plums) without getting soaked. i noticed my pickles were emitting a strong smell. when i checked the jar, there was some brine juice leaking out. i tightened the lid, but there's so much pressure, it managed to bulge the plastic cap and squeeze out some liquids. i cleaned it up and opened the lid to let the pickles burp before capping it back up again. i haven't tried them yet, but i figured it still needs a few more days of countertop fermenting before it can get a nice flavor. today the toom temperature inside the house was 80 degrees. for lunch i made another bacon-egg-cheese english muffin sandwich like yesterday.

in the early afternoon during a lull in the weather, i went outside and did some pruning and weeding. i trimmed back all the ivy growing on the wall in front of the house and pulled up all this weed in the backyard. i don't know what it's called but i've seen them before, in my backyard, in the community garden, and in my parents' backyard. later i found out they're called clearweed. by the time i finished, i'd gotten at least 4 mosquito bites.

i watched some drama unfold in front of my house. a group of millennial girls were walking back from a supply run, when one of them slipped and fell. two of the girls were so engrossed with their phones that they didn't even bother to help. the girl that fell, the first thing she checked was to make sure the phone in her purse was okay. i also saw some people riding skateboards, they seem to be quite popular now. i just think they're a very inefficient way of traveling, one step below kick scooters, whether manual or mechanized.

in the afternoon i releveled my refrigerator for the 5th time (at least), when i realized the whole reason why the fridge door was having a hard time closing was because even though the fridge was leveled on its outer side, in the center it was tilting forward. i learned my lesson: instead of putting all the food together to sort out later, i put each fridge shelf items either in its own cooler or countertop space. leveling was pretty easy, i just remembered one level of composite shims, then pushed the fridge back, before returning all the foods. in all it took just 20 minutes. now the fridge door closes on its own.

later - during another lull in the weather - i went to star market. i took my bike because i was buying some polar seltzers on sale and i didn't want to haul everything back my hand. i also got some utz potato chips and some white peaches.

i know it's been a few days since the autumn festival, but i finally ate one of the mooncakes my 2nd aunt bought me, mixed nuts flavor. it's akin to fruit cakes, nobody like them yet this flavor continues to be made. she also got me a black dates mooncake, which is my favorite, but i haven't eaten that yet.

i had another salad for dinner, this time with thousand island dressing. afterwards i backed up some photos and cleared 30GB worth of storage space from my laptop.