in line with making lunch with ingredients i already had in the house, i made an english muffin sandwich with egg, bacon, and cheese. i added a soft nathan's half sour pickle to class it up. while making my lunch, i accidentally didn't close the fridge door completely. that's happened a few times already since i releveled the fridge. before, when it had a slight back tilt, the fridge door closed more easily. this is either going to bother me enough that i have to relevel the fridge for the 4-5th time, or i just learn to close the door with slightly more force, to make sure it closes all the way.

today's weather was similar to yesterday's: it got dark for a period, and there was some sprinkles, before the weather cleared up again, and the sun came out. there would be intermittent churn of a variety of fasting moving clouds moving from south to north. renee's painters came to work today, but only half the day, i think once it started to rain a little bit they called it quits. not sure if they'll be back tomorrow, the forecast is more intermittent periods of heavy rain. everything morning between 8-9am i hearing the clanging of ladders.

in the afternoon i went out to run some errands. this was my first time riding my bike since i replaced the rear tire, no problems there. first stop was walgreens, to pick up my monthly prescriptions. i also got a tube of crest advanced gum restore deep clean toothpaste ($3 off coupon). it's got 0.454% stannous fluoride like in all these new advanced toothpastes, but this one also has glycine, but from what i read helps in reducing biofilm on the teeth surface. i'm already using using colgate renewal, i'll probably give this crest toothpaste either to my parents or sister. i don't know if it's the placebo effect, but the colgate seems to be working, my teeth are less sensitive than they were before.

next stop was market basket, where i got $20 worth of groceries, even though i didn't need anything for this week. i did grab a bag of mixed salad greens, to go with the baby sweet peppers i got from haymarket last week that i haven't eaten yet. there were also some kefir on sale, i bought two bottles (mango and strawberry).

i came home, dropped everything off, grabbed my drone, then went out again, this time to whole foods, to get some tofu wedges.

afterwards i tried to find place to do some drone flying. first i went to lincoln park behind whole foods, but there were too many children there, and i didn't want to risk crashing the drone and having it land on a little kid. i then biked all the way to osgood park, where there was nobody around, and i quickly launched my drone. i realized the best place to fly is from the top of a hill, not the bottom, since the hill itself will naturally add elevation so i can get over the 400ft legal height limit. even though it was a relatively clear day, it was just too windy, especially at higher elevation. a few times i could see the drone get pushed so the horizon was crooked. i decided not to risk flying it too far and quickly brought it back down after taking a few photos.

i came back home by 3:30pm.

for dinner i had a bowl of salad with italian dressing. i also had some strawberry kefir, i thought it'd be sweeter, but it tasted like a strawberry smoothie if you made it with strawberries, sour yogurt, and some seltzer water. i watched some thursday night football but it was boring so i turned it off and watched some japanese star wars animation on my computer.