with enough food in the house, i didn't have to leave and get groceries today. in the late morning i brought out my smokeless foreman grill and cooked up a package of bacon on my back porch. i think made some scrambled eggs for lunch, paired up with a few strips of fresh bacon. i cleaned the grill immediately after using it, i didn't want all that bacon fat to solidify.

it was an overcast day, i only went out briefly to cover up my motorcycle when it started to drizzle before it stopped. the rain that was forecasted to come tomorrow won't get here until friday into saturday.

since i'm at home most days, looking out the window and observing my neighbors coming and going is one of my pasttimes. i've been noticing this pale girl whom i seem to see everyday, walking from cambridge into somerville, sometimes multiple trips a day. what did she do in somerville that affords her such a relaxed schedule? today i found out the answer, when i saw her carrying a large book. i didn't even have to see the title to know it was a law book. she was a harvard law school student. turns out she doesn't live in cambridge, but actually somerville, and walks to cambridge to attend classes. that also explains her strange schedule.

the big thing i did today was to relevel the refrigerator with the composite shims i got from home depot yesterday. that involved turning off the fridge, emptying all the food, roll out the fridge, put down the new shims, and roll back the fridge before putting back all the food again. it took nearly an hour, i couldn't get it leveled to my satisfaction. i even cracked a few composite shims. they alone weren't enough, i ended up using the wooden shims as well to get enough inclination. and every time i rolled out the fridge, it'd leave shallow gouge marks on my wooden kitchen floor. finally i gave up, didn't want perfect to be the enemy of the good.

for dinner i reheated some frozen quinche while watching the red sox game. boston swept the mets in a 2-game series, they have tomorrow off before a 3-game series against the yankees this weekend. with just 9 games left in the regular season, if boston can win more games than toronto or new york, they're in the playoffs as a wild card.