it was raining so loudly outside last night it felt like sleeping on a rumbling train or a plane. but all that sound became white noise and i was able to sleep soundly (3am), waking up at 9am.

the rain had stopped by the time i woke up. in the late morning the sun even appeared. my neighborhood escaped unscathed, but watching the news i saw there were a lot of floods elsewhere. despite it being a nice day today, i never once left the house. for lunch i had a cream cheese bagel along with some longans. i noticed my pair of cantaloupes that'd been left on my kitchen counter to ripen were starting to rot, so later i cut them up into cubes and put them away in containers.

my father asked me to find a replacement power cord for their tatung rice cooker. the cheapest i could find off of ebay was $24.50, but i had an old tatung rice cooker that i wasn't using with the exact same cord they could have in the meantime. i also searched taiwanese online shopping sites which were selling the exact same replacement cord for NT$270 or less than $10. a cheaper solution would be for my parents to simply pick up a replacement cord the next time they went to taiwan.

i backed up my photos today. i also backed up all of my mother's photos (16GB worth) from her old samsung S9+, a key step before i go ahead and wipe it and use it as my dedicated drone phone. afterwards i ran time machine to backup my computer. the last time i did a backup was in mid-july so i was due.

my parents' stopped by my place after work, one their way to drop off my sister's godmother at her place in central square. they were here to pick up a few things: the spare tatung power cord, ginger powder, rice flour, and kimchi paocai featuring long beans. i gave them a bonus box of sliced cantaloupe.

for dinner it was my final serving of rice noodles along with a bowl of cucumber salad. i tried to put less wine vinegar and more sichuan chili oil, but the flavor was still off. maybe the secret is to add more salt, but i'm already using salt for reduction and i'm adding soy sauce which is also salty. i ate while watching game 4 between the red sox and the devil rays. boston ended up winning again, tied the 4 game series. red sox go back to face the indians, followed by a 3 game series against the rays again.