so i wasn't going to my parents' place today but instead staying home and wait out tropical storm henri. that meant i could sleep late. i had the open last night to let in some breeze, ready to close it once it started raining and the rain coming in through the blinds. it started raining in the morning, but it seemed to blowing in from the east, so my west facing window was safe. i kept the window open, the cool breeze tickling my feet. around 8am was the most intense period of time, just a loud hissing outside, like the rain was angry and trying to break into the house.

by noontime the rain seemed to have mostly stopped. it was still overcast but bright. the streets weren't even flooded. all and all, it seemed less intense than the remnants of tropical storm fred that hit us on thursday. the only difference was it was still very windy outside, i could see the trees swaying, and every once in a while it'd pick up enough to howl. but people were already out and about, going grocery shopping, walking the dog, jogging, a typical sunday.

for lunch i heated up a frozen chicken bake in the oven, as i continue to eat as much as i can from the fridge.

i spent most of the day cleaning the house, in preparation for the refrigerator deliverymen scheduled to come on tuesday. i cleared out a path for them, moving my foyer table and my living room side table. before they come i'll also roll up the rugs. i removed everything from my fridge exterior, including postcards, christmas cards, business cards, recipes, keychains, novelty magnets, and various other momentos and documents.

while that was going on i was also doing a load of laundry and opened a few windows to let in the cool breeze. i didn't start cleaning the inside of my fridge, but instead cleaned out a few items from my cupboard. i have old boxes of near east rice mixes that expired in 2007/2008. i always thought rice can last forever, but i opened one of the boxes and there were some pantry moth poop, so i decided to throw them all out. i also had old instant cake and cookie mix, also of similar vintage, i tossed those as well. i also continued making ice cubes for the coolers, for when i empty my old fridge on tuesday.

for dinner i boiled some frozen cheese raviolis and heated up half a jar of pasta sauce. i was hoping to catch the red sox game, which of as yesterday was still on for tonight, but i discovered they finally came to their senses and postponed it until tomorrow afternoon. in hindsight they didn't need to do that, because tonight's weather in boston was perfectly suitable for baseball, just a bit windy.