i left at 10:30am this morning, straight back to home depot, to do some more precise fridge measuring. i wore a navy polo which was the wrong thing to wear on such a hot day. it wasn't bad when i was moving, but whenever i stopped at the lights, i could feel myself baking.

whirlpool WRT518SZFM (18 cu.ft. $791):

i just wanted to confirm the depth. when i measured it yesterday at best buy, it was 28", not the 31.6" of the specs. sure enough, when i measured again at home depot, it was 28", 29" if you stretched it out to the middle of the door, which bows out a little bit.

LG LBNC15231V (14.7 cu.ft. $1168):

i also couldn't help checking out that LG stainless-steel bottom freezer fridge. it's so pretty, if money was no object i'd buy it. but it has a smaller capacity (but still slightly bigger than my current fridge) and for some reason uses more electricity. in the end i couldn't justify paying more for something that's smaller and less energy efficient, no matter how cool it looked.

before i left, i noticed a stainless-steel samsung french door fridge with a bottom freezer that looked to have a very low height:

samsung RF220NCTASR (21.8 cu.ft $1498):

measured at slightly more than 65-1/4", it was still less than the 65-1/2" of clearance needed to fit underneath the kitchen cabinets at my parents' place. it meant my parents could potentially get this fridge. the samsung had 4 shelves that could be adjusted (cantilevered from the back), and 6 adjustable door bins as well. that were 2 crisper drawers and another larger flat drawer beneath that. it had more space that my parents' current fridge, and the fridge space alone (14.8 cu.ft.) was more than my current freezer and fridge space combined, while the freezer had enough capacity (7 cu.ft.) equal to that of a small chest freezer. it was a deep fridge at 33" but my parents' kitchen fridge space had plenty of room, just limited in height. it was priced at $1500 but with tax-free weekend starting tomorrow, we'd save about $100 not paying the state sales tax.

i bought some special epoxy glue for plastic (JB bond plastic welder $7.57, to fix my father's garden kneeler) and some extra long paint stirring sticks (99¢, going to use them to probe the inside of my wall).

i went to the cafe to discuss my fridge measurements with my parents, and to tell them about the 21.8 cu.ft. samsung french door fridge that would fit in their kitchen. i told my father they could go check it out after work. while i was there, matthew stopped by with some more zucchinis. my parents gave him a bag of tomatoes and some ground cherries. matthew was showing me photos of bugs he took in his backyard: long-legged flies, squash vine borer, drone flies.

i returned home by 12:20pm. i went down to the community garden to water my plants. the two bitter melons i saw on wednesday were now slightly larger today friday, but i don't think they're going to get any bigger than that. there were also a few smaller melons, 1-2" long, that will hopefully develop into larger bitter melons.

it was hot enough in the middle of the day that i figured the garden would be empty, and sure enough it was. that's why i brought my drone, so i could take it up into the sky and get some quick snapshots. i sat on a bench and launched from the paved southeastern corner of the garden, the only place to launch without kicking up a lot of dirt. i flew it towards memorial hall before my RC signal started to get weak, then flew it back above my house, before returning it to the garden. the sunlight was also starting to cook my iphone again, and i saw the screen dimmed in order to cool down, so figured better to call it quits.

back at home, i also took some time to water the front and backyard.

later in the afternoon i went to star market to get some yellow peaches on sale for 37¢/lbs. (maximum of 5 lbs.). what should've been a routine trip ended up taking half an hour. there were only 2 checkout lines opened, which for a friday afternoon would normally be enough, but there were problems in both lines. i decided to take a stroll around the supermarket, hoping the line would thin out by the time i came back, but it only got worse. the line i was in, there was a credit card issue. the young woman couldn't understand why her card wasn't working, and kept asking the cashier to try again. the people behind here were getting impatient, and it turned into a shouting match when some old ladies suggested the woman should get out of line, but that's when american exceptionalism kicked in and the woman took offense to people telling her what to do. there were also racial undertones, as the woman was black and the old ladies were white. at one point i heard the woman tell the ladies to, "shove it up your ass." the manager was called, and so were thankfully some additional cashiers who opened up 2 more lanes. the problem had something to do with the fact that debit cards didn't seem to work, although credit cards and cash were fine. thankfully i wore my face mask, otherwise they'd have seen me smiling, because i thought the whole drama was pretty funny.

in the late afternoon i watched the crowd of people waiting outside the corner poke shop for their food order. i even saw a convoy of cars filled with belmont high school students judging from the BHS bumper sticker.

for dinner i had a large bowl of tonkotsu instant noodle while watching the red sox game. boston started a 3-game series against the baltimore orioles at fenway. sox ended up beating the orioles 8-1.