it rained for most of the day even though i thought the rain would only last until the morning. it was too humid and wet to try drying the bathroom so i didn't bother running the fan today. i didn't set foot outside, just stayed indoors, waiting for the rain to stop. for lunch i baked a broccoli and cheese chicken cordon bleu. paul sent me their share of the plumbing repair cost via paypal, even though steve told me they didn't have a paypal account when he asked me to send him another check for the sewer/water bill after he lost the first check.

my father stopped by briefly on his way to a market basket supply run to check out the leak status in my bathroom. he dropped off some chive box pan-fried dumplings that was still hot, but by the time i ate them they were already cold. i ate half, saving the rest for later in the day around 6pm.

i watched a new neighbor moving in. the only things she had were plants, so i'm guessing she's a millennial, since that's their thing. i saw some succulents, a peace lily, a hanging tradescantia, and a hanging fern. later she took her dog out for a walk.

my replacement amazon prime credit card arrived today. i just have that credit card plus a debit card i don't usually bring with me, so that card has taken a beating. plus i sent it through the dryer at least one time if not more. the laminated top layer was peeling off and i was having a hard time inserting it into a chip reader. and when it did fit, the chip has been rubbed so many times it only works 50% of the time. so i was due for a replacement. the card number was still the same, but the expiration date and security code were different. that meant i had to update some autopay info and frequently visited online stores like amazon and paypal. because it's an amazon card, they automatically updated my info the moment i activated the card. the new card also has something my old card didn't: tap-to-pay function.

i didn't eat dinner until after 9pm, another peppered ham sandwich. i noticed my white bread is starting to get moldy, i put the rest away in the fridge (i had it just sitting out on the counter, which often leads to mold during the summer). i ate while watching the track & field events on NBC's olympic coverage.