after biking to belmont for lunch (wonton soup), i went with my parents to binbin's house (1:30pm) after my sister told us she's going to get it towed to the dealership on wednesday (lease expiration) and wanted us to check the tires. we moved the car out to the driveway before we left.

afterwards we went to the burlington market basket for supply run. of the market baskets we visit (chelsea, waltham, burlington, somerville), this one is only the third largest, but still many times bigger than my local (somerville) market basket. they had a lot of things we wanted, but not everything (didn't have pork bones, nor stewart's diet root beer, nor buldak ramen, nor the special spicy thai canned tuna). i did however find hog casings for making homemade sausages, i'd never seen that before, perhaps a future food project. we finally returned home by 3:40pm.

it rained in the morning but the rest of the day was dry. the sky was overcast but bright. i fertilized all our garden plants with miracle-gro. afterwards i made another gallon solution and used it as foliar spray. since it's not going to rain until wednesday, the plants will have at least a day to absorb the nutrients.

in the late afternoon i decided to fly the drone again, this time to take a peek at our neighbor's backyard across the street. when i flew over yesterday i noticed they had some raised beds, but i was too high (400ft) to make out what they were. this time i was only at 100ft and had a much better look. they have a bunch of squash and a few beans, but the rest i can't identify. maybe tomatoes? and some red-leaf lettuce? but everything else is a mystery. i also wanted to see how far i could fly the drone, this time to the center of fresh pond before i got nervous and decided to fly back. i probably could've pushed it a bit farther, i was still at 60% RC signal.

i took a few snapshots in the garden with the dSLR. like yesterday, i got a few more mosquito bites on my legs. maybe because of all the turning i did yesterday, but the compost didn't smell today. the ground-grown squash next to RB0 has a fruit that i believe is the second largest squash we have. none of the ones we have can compare to the monster sizes we used to grow (2018). maybe ground grown squash with vines that can root in the soil produce bigger fruits. although hanging squashes take up less space, they can only get so large (2019 2020). if we don't get a second batch of squashes, this year will be the least amount of squash (by overall weight) even though we expended the maximum effort.

for dinner my parents cooked up some frozen calamari they bought at market basket. in their natural unflavored state they don't taste very good, but drown in some sauce and they improve dramatically. my mother also made a salad using watermelon rinds. it tastes like cucumbers, but i prefer the real thing. i also tried a lindy's root beer italian ice afterwards, my sister asked us to get them for her. not sure what all the hooplah's about, there are much better frozen desserts than italian ice.

i left after dinner, biking back to cambridge and returning home by 7:30pm. there was nothing good on television, so i streamed the red sox game followed by the angels game. by total coincidence, my taiwanese cousin contacted me via line. he was also following the red sox game while commuting into work. red sox smoked the blue jays, put up 8 runs just in the first inning. ohtani pitched in the angels game, had a shutout happening before they replaced him in the 7th inning and the wheels fell off as oakland scored 3 runs.