i biked to belmont this morning, bringing with me all the ingredients necessary to make some italian subs. only my mother was home, my father had already gone to the cafe to meet the electrician who was their to repair the ceiling lights that seem to flicker and turn off on their own. my mother said she'd been waiting for me to make the italian subs so after a brief moment to catch my breath, i went into the kitchen to make the sub. my mother could only eat half, leaving the other half for me to eat.

afterwards i was out in the backyard inspecting the garden. i saw signs of bacterial wilt on a few squash leaves, but the cucumbers still seem fine even though i found a few cucumber beetles hanging around the cucumber flowers (i promptly squashed them). the ground-grown squash has gotten a lot bigger since i last saw it 2 days ago on thursday. the squash vine with kinked stem doesn't seem like it's going to make it, most of its leaves wilting and the ones closer to the ground have already turned yellow. the 2 squash plants on the western side of the house continue to get bigger. i smelled something that i thought was a dead animal or really pungent fish emulsion but was actually the pile of grass clippings my father dumped into the compost bin when he mowed the lawn thursday after work. i turned the compost with pitchfork, i smelled a strong ammonia odor and was hit with some intense heat as the grass clippings decomposed rapidly.

my mother called me back inside when my father finally came home, she asked me to make another italian sub for my father. i also browsed the streaming services for a show my mother could watch (that must have chinese subtitles). i ended up choosing hanna on amazon prime, which she immediately got sucked in.

later in the afternoon i was going to go into the backyard and fly my drone - it's been a while since i last flew - but the sunny condition earlier had now turned into something dark and cloudy, like it'd rain soon. i decided to postpone my flight and wait for the showers, which according to the doppler radar was close. however, it didn't actually start raining until after dinner, close to 7pm. during that wait time i had a chance to go outside and fill the 3 holes that rabbits have decided to dig in our front lawn with a combination of miracle-gro garden soil and grass seeds. i didn't even have to water it since it'd be raining later and all of tomorrow and most of the next few days.

the FM bluetooth transmitter arrived today. we already have one and my father uses it when he's driving to listen to his taiwanese youtube channels, but has to swap out the transmitter whenever he changes cars. this way he can have a transmitter for each car and doesn't need to swap back and forth. he was going to test it out in the car but when he opened the door and saw it was rainy, he decided to do it another time.

because of the rain, after dinner i borrowed one of the cars and drove myself home. earlier i'd wheeled my bicycle into the backyard and put a tarp over it. there were a few parking spots when i got back to cambridge, but i took the one that didn't involved parallel parking because i very terrible at it, couldn't quite gauge where the car would fit or not.

after using the bathroom and taking a shower, i did two loads of laundry, including my bedsheets and bath towels. during the summer i try to hang dry my wet laundry as often as possible, but the past few weeks have been so rainy, i haven't been doing any laundry, waiting for a sunny dry day. unfortunately i reached the point where i'm all out of clean clothes, so this was a laundry emergency. it was also very warm inside the house - 78 degrees - as well as humid. it was just 68 degrees outdoors, but because it was raining, i didn't want to open the windows. i ended up running the AC for a few hours to cool down the house.

the highlight of tonight was game 5 between the bucks-suns in phoenix. the suns seemed to have the game well in hand at the end of the first quarter, up by 16 points. but the bucks persisted, and finished the first half with a lead of 64-61. i can't remember if the suns ever lead again, milwaukee just matched them shot-per-shot, not allowing phoenix to pull ahead. the ending was close but ended with a spectacular giannis dunk that gave the bucks a well-earned victory playing an away game no less. game 6 is on tuesday, milwaukee will have a chance to close out the series.