i had a serious case of insomnia last night, a combination of taking an evening nap coupled with the hot temperature (i couldn't open my bedroom window because the AC dripping noises was too loud and it was too late to move creep around renee's alleyway to move her trash cans). i went to bed late as it is (3am), but didn't actually fall asleep until probably 6:30am, waking up at 10am.

john sent me a photo of his old nikon coolpix 950 camera while he was cleaning out his basement. they close on their houses in august, selling their brooklyn place while moving to pelham. he also told me he's been busy with his mother, who was back in the hospital due to cancer. doctors don't have a prognosis yet as she's currently too frail for chemo.

even though today was the hottest day this week, i still biked down to haymarket in the afternoon. it was so hot i could feel the blood in my head throbbing. i left cambridge by 2pm, got their at 2:20pm. seems like every vendor was trying to offload cherries, and not just regular bing cherries, but rainier cherries as well, as cheap as $1/lbs. i bought as much as i could, definitely coming back again next friday for more cherries.

i left by 2:45pm and decided to go to the cafe to drop off the cherries. i ended up taking the charles river bike path along storrow drive, which ended up taking nearly twice as long. the only good thing about the bike path is i don't have to deal with cars, so even though it's longer by a few miles, all i had to do was peddle mindlessly.

i got to the cafe by 3:30pm, with the sky outside looking it might rain. my 2nd aunt was there, she told some rainier and bing cherries, as well as some scallions and a few pluots. when i went to leave, it started raining. fortunately it was just a passing rain, and after less than 10 minutes, i went back out and was able to peddle home. i kept an eye out for rainbows but didn't see any.

once i was home, i took a hot shower. like yesterday, once again i fell asleep on the couch, this time from 7-8pm. i woke up and made an italian sub, ate while watching an illegal stream of the red sox-yankees game. boston won, 4-0. i also watched the mariners-angels game. that one i could see on youtube tv, there's some kind of free trial of mlb.tv. it won't broadcast any red sox games (they're region locked to NESN, which youtube tv doesn't carry anymore after a contract dispute last year), but i can watch all the out-of-market games during this trial period. i was only watching the game to see shohei, but he wasn't pitching tonight and after waiting several inning just to see a single at bat where he grounded out it got boring (that's baseball) and i started watching something else.