since the rain might start in the late afternoon, after some munchkins and matcha latte for lunch, i biked down to chinatown by 12:30pm for a supply run. i was going today (thursday) instead of my usual chinatown day (friday) because it's going to be raining all day tomorrow. i had a craving for melon seeds and preserved gingers. i hit ming's market first, got a daikon radish and a kabocha squash. i bought a straining ladle ($3.99) which i'll use to scoop out my paocai. next i went to c-mart. tonkatsu sauce, melon seeds, preserved ginger. i also got 2 bags of remainder gold nugget oranges for $1/bag.

i would've made it home faster, but the fiedler footbridge was under construction, so i had to made a detour and go across the longfellow bridge instead. later i looked it up, renovation work on the bridge started back in may, and won't be finished until august 20th.

i got back home by 2pm, surprisingly early. i went to star market to get a dozen ears of corn on sale (17¢ each, today was the last day). it was just 68 degrees outside but 78 degrees indoors, so i mounted the box fan in my living room window and pumped in some cold air until i lowered the room temperature down to 75 degrees.

for dinner i reheated the last of my congee. i also had a small bowl of sichuan paocai, gave me a chance to use my new straining ladle to dredge up some vegetables from the jar, so much easier than what i doing before, using a large spoon and chopsticks. i made sure to disinfect both the ladle and chopsticks with some boiling water. there was some yeast on the surface of the paocai which i heard is normal and indicates healthy bacteria growth. i skimmed it off before scooping out some vegetables. it was very spicy and sour, not that salty. the daikon were a little soft, but i think they were soft going into the jar initially.

i ate while watching game 2 between the bucks-suns. milwaukee started the game strong, but they couldn't sustain that intensity of always going to the basket for points. once they startled settling for long range jump shots, the wheels sort of came off and phoenix regained the lead going into halftime. the bucks just couldn't overcome the suns. i see a lot of early season lebron james cavaliers in the bucks. you got that one dominant guy who does everything (giannis), and the other players just basically stand around and watch. someone other than antetokounmpo has to step up for milwaukee.