it basically rained for most of the day. nothing serious, but enough to cancel my planned trip to haymarket in the afternoon. instead i went across the street to star market to buy some cherries on sale ($1.99/lbs). in hindsight i could've still gone into boston as we had a short window in the afternoon where it didn't rain and the sky was brightening up despite the clouds. but the streets were still soaked, the temperature was unusually chilly (blame the northeastern canadian winds, temperature in the 60's, later dropping to the other 50's - in the daytime!), and it was windy. it'd be one thing to ride the bike in a warm summer drizzle; it's quite another to get wet when the temperature felt more like early spring.

i just stayed home and kept to my unproductive self. the aquarium could use some cleaning but i never got around to it. the house could always use some tidying up but didn't do that either. seems like the only good thing about today was i didn't have to run the AC for the first time in days, and the room temperature lowered to a comfortable upper 70's without the need to open any windows.

for lunch i had a matcha latte. feeling hungry again in the afternoon, i had a maruchan instant cup of noodles. in the evening i threw a brick of frozen lasagna in the oven and had that for dinner. there was no NBA game tonight, watched some random streaming show on tv i don't even remember now.

there were two firework events happening in the evening, one in everett, another in lexington. i assumed both were cancelled due to the rain. there's another fireworks event down by the aquarium tomorrow night. that might also be in danger of cancellation due to the rain.

this is just turning out to be a very cold, wet, cloudy 4th of july weekend.