despite the chance of rain in the late afternoon, i went down to the community garden this morning to water my plants anyway, in case it doesn't rain, which has been known to happen. if there's anything i've learned about new england, the weather here simply can't be trusted.

i found lynn in the garden. turns out she was away for a week, that's why i didn't see her, and only saw her friend kevin we came to water her garden. she was planting some flower seeds. after i watered my garden, i offered her a ground cherry. she said she never had it before, nor has she ever tried tomatillos. she liked the ground cherry enough that she was thinking about growing some of her own.

i made some indomie mi goreng for lunch, along with a cup of matcha latte using the oat milk i bought on friday. at first i thought the matcha powder didn't like the oat milk because i couldn't get them to dissolve as they stayed in large clumps. then my milk frother completely stopped working. after i changed the batteries, i realized all the weak latte i've been experiencing for more than a month is because my frother was running out of power! with new batteries in place, the frother frothed so much i spilled some oat milk. looks like matcha latte might be back on the lunch menu again.

around 1pm i biked down to the allston trader joe's for some groceries. the sky was starting to turn dark, but the weather forecast and the doppler radar all agreed that rain wouldn't begin until after 3pm, so i had some time. while parking my bike to a signpost, i noticed some beetle eggs. they all look the same, but if i had to guess, maybe ladybugs. i picked up a bag of frozen mandarin chicken and two bags of giant peruvian inca corn. i also looked for their ube ice cream. there was a tag for it ($2.99) but it seems like they were all sold out.

coming back (10 minutes) was faster than going to (13 minutes) since i cut right through harvard square. did you hear they're going to tear down the garage and built a mixed use building in its place? of course they are. harvard square has no soul now, out of all the cambridge squares, it's the worst, with porter square a close second. i basically live in between two terrible squares.

the rain fell according to schedule for a change. around 3pm it started. it came down in steady clip and last for several hours, with brief stops before starting to rain again. all i could think of was the belmont rain barrels filling up. when i saw it over the weekend, they were at half capacity. today rainstorm more than filled up the barrels, and gave the parched lawn a good drink of water. it rained off and on until 10pm.

even though i went to trader joe's, for some reason i totally forgot to get any groceries i could possibly have for dinner tonight. instead i pulled out a frozen cordon bleu and baked it for 38 minutes in the oven. market basket is where i get my real food ingredients, i'll need to make a visit tomorrow. i have a lot of salad ingredients in the fridge, just need some more dressing and a head of lettuce.

i watched game 2 of the clippers-suns game. i had it in the background while i surfed amazon for some more prime deals. only in the second half, and particularly the 4th quarter, did i finally focus on the game. suns had the lead throughout, but the clippers seemed to have stolen the game with less than a minute remaining. then it got crazy, with 0.9 seconds left on the clock, phoenix managed to score a basket from an inbound pass. they did it so quickly, there was still 0.7 seconds left on the clock, giving los angeles a chance to score. fortunately the right team won, and the suns lead the series 2-0 now. what's scary is they did it without one of their best players, chris paul. out because of covid protocol. i heard he's returning for game 3 on thursday. could the suns potentially sweep the clippers?