i went down to the community garden to water this morning. rabbits ate a bunch of my striped mallow plants. nothing i can do about that other than raising them in grow bags or surrounded my garden with wire fencing. fortunately i have plenty more striped mallow seedlings, rabbits actually did me a favor, natural thinning. while i was watering lynn's friend came by to water the plot for her. i let him have the hose while i went and used a different one.

returning home, i bumped into renee and her tenant miora. it was my first time being introduced to her since she and her boyfriend daniel moved in back in december. i was wearing my gatlinburg t-shirt and she asked if went to school there (she was interested because she's from the south). i took a shower before riding the motorcycle to belmont. my mother made some wonton soup for lunch.

i was then in the backyard until 3pm. first i was helping my father mow the lawn, then i ended up mowing the rest of the front lawn when he was experiencing some shortness of breath and went inside to rest. instead of shredding the clippings back onto the lawn, we bagged it this time to add to our compost bin. we untangled the cashmere hops plant matthew gave us yesterday and decided where to plant it and what kind of hops trellis we want to build. we decided to use one of our longest bamboo poles along with some wire clothes hangers and twine. i watched a hoverfly lay an egg on a squash leaf. the egg was so tiny, if i didn't realize what it was, i thought maybe it was a speck of white dust grain. i also found some squash vine borer eggs. my fear is i'll miss one and it somehow hatches and borrows inside a squash stem. fortunately i have plenty of Btk and syringes to kill any active borers, but i rather not get to that point.

there was a clippers-suns game in the afternoon, game 1 of the western conference finals. suns were missing chris paul due to covid protocol, while the clippers were missing kawhi leonard. phoenix ended up winning at home, but los angeles kept the game close. i also saw flashes of playoff rondo.

i didn't think we were doing anything for father's day, but my mother and sister already formulated a plan to get some persian takeout for dinner. i made the order via grubhub while my sister left her place to go pick up the order and bring it to belmont.

i returned home and watched game 7 of the hawks-76ers series. i could've gone either way, but i guess i was leaning more towards atlanta. the hawks ended up winning, they're scheduled to face the milwaukee bucks on wednesday.