i took advantage of the nice weather by doing some neglected household chores. i started by vacuuming the house. it's easy when your condo is less than 800 square feet to vacuum the whole place. the house immediately felt cleaner afterwards. i opened some windows to let in some fresh air. i went to the UPS store to drop off the granite non-stick pans my mother was returning. on my way back i went to market basket to get some olive and canola oil. i was also going to clean out my grow closet and put back all the plastic bins but i forgot. finally i did a load of laundry around noontime so i could hang them outside to dry with the warm and low humidity weather.

i used up the last of my milk to make a glass of matcha latte. after that i packed up my drone and my phone repair equipment and biked down to the cafe. i found my father in the parking lot putting up the string trellis so the two hyacinth beans can have something to climb onto.

my sister's godmother was at the cafe. she brought her broken xiaomi redmi note 4X so i could repair it. the charge port was damaged so the phone wouldn't charge properly. originally we figured it'd be hard to fix, but i watched some youtube videos and discovered the charge port is actually on its own separate circuit board, and to fix it all you needed to do was to replace the board. the board itself is also quite just, less than $3.

the hardest part of the xiaomi repair was opening up the phone. it took my father and i some careful prying with plastic tools to finally get the backcover off. once that was done the rest of was easy, just remove some screws, take off the speakers board, unhook the old charge port board, and swap it out with the new one. after that the phone was good as new, easily charging once more.

my original plan was to go to belmont do some gardening and fly the drone, but i already did that yesterday, and there was no task in the garden that was so urgent which required me to pay another visit today, especially since i'm going to be there again this weekend. so i decided to return home instead, leaving around 3pm. my mother gave me a veggy bun to go, which i ate when i got back.

i caught a regigigas today, after 4 tries, burning through my remote gym battle passes. the final battle we barely survived, a party of just 5 trainers, i think only one of us was level 40+. it ended up with about 60 seconds left in the raid, and i was already on my second set of pokemons.

i took down my laundry around 7pm. most of my t-shirts were dry, i found one that had a wet sleeve because it was bunched up when i hung it on the line. a few of my shorts were still wet though, i left them to hang dry inside my kitchen.

i finally got around to making my trader joe's crispy orange chicken. i only cooked half, saving the rest for tomorrow night. i also prepared a cup of jasmine rice in the rice cooker. the bowl seemed to have lost its non-stick capability, so i had a bunch of rice stuck to the bowl that i couldn't remove. i had the orange chicken with some leftover sichuan paocai and a can of white claw, pineapple flavor. my sister gave me an assortment of white claw, it's not bad, but it's pretty gimmicky. of the 5% alcoholic beverages, i prefer the woodchuck amber hard cider, which my local liquor store no longer carries. the orange chicken was pretty good as well, i cooked it just enough for it to be crispy, and the warmed up sauce made everything taste even better.

i watched game 6 between the nets and bucks. milwaukee was facing elimination, they needed to win tonight. maybe playing at home game them the energy they needed, but they were a much better team tonight. kevin durant only put up 32 points. the big question is whether kyrie irving will play in game 7 on saturday? either way wouldn't surprise me, him being such a prima donna, he just wants the attention. i'll be rooting hard for the bucks to win this weekend.