today was the kind of day that i thought yesterday was going to be: strong hinting and expectation of rain, but no rain. i didn't even go outside today except late at night to throw out the trash. it was also an unexpected street cleaning day, and i saw an unfortunate SUV get towed. that neighbor's going to be learning an expensive lesson about cambridge street cleaning.

i put on new tempered glass screen protectors for my pixel 3XL phone and ASUS zenpad Z8s tablet. i started with the phone first, which should've been easy, since it came with a handy screen frame to position the protector just right. but i ended up getting dust underneath the protector and i had to lift it up a few times to remove the dust. as a rule, screen protectors don't like being lifted, especially glass ones, which are delicate and have a tendency to crack. in fact, i managed to get a hairline fracture but it's not noticeable, and i figured eventually i'll need to replace the screen protector again. my bad luck with my phone made me afraid to work on the tablet with its bigger screen. but i managed to do a perfect job on the tablet, zero dust.

for lunch i had a matcha latte and tea egg. i also ate a forelle pear. i snacked on some dehydrated shiitake mushrooms and watermelon seeds.

my wheel reflectors arrived today. i'll put them on my bike tomorrow. they may look dorky, but it it makes me more visible riding at night, i think they're worth it.

i spent most of the day retroactively adding photos to past blog entries for june. i still have most of may to do, hopefully i can get caught up this week.

for dinner i finished the rest of the leftover fried chicken from yesterday. that was enough to last me through the rest of the evening. i watched game 5 of the nets-bucks game. milwaukee had brooklyn against the ropes in the first half, but the wheels started to come off in the second half, and kevin durant entered the zone and almost single-handedly beat the bucks to win game 5. now brooklyn needs just one more win to advance while milwaukee had to win the next 2 games. the bucks really squandered a rare opportunity.