i went to star market this morning to get a few supplies for my mother, including 2 packs of gatorade. i ended up strapping them to the back of my motorcycle before riding to belmont. yesterday's weather was nice, temperature in the 60's. today was in the 70's, and already it feels too warm (but not as bad as the 90's).

i had a bowl of fish nugget soup for lunch while watching the men's singles final of the french open between djokovic and tsitsipas. djokovic is often times portrayed as the villain, and isn't as beloved as nadal or federer, despite winning nearly just about as many grand slams as those other two. but i was rooting for him today, simply because his opponent was a 5th-rank 22-year old greek boy with hadn't won a grand slam yet. i caught the game late, the score indicated that at one point tsitsipas almost won, but experience trumps youth, and djokovic ended up winning.

in the early afternoon we went on a supply run to the waltham costco. there were definitely less people than our everett costco supply run two weeks ago during memorial day weekend. unfortunately the waltham costco is smaller, which meant they weren't as well stocked, and didn't carrying any of the brown sugar boba popsicles or the fish-shaped ice cream sandwiches. so even though we bought $235+ worth of supplies, my mother said we still need to go to the everett costco tomorrow.

we stopped by the cafe to drop off the supplies before finally returning to belmont by 3:40pm. in the time that we had left before dinner, my father and i were out in the front yard pruning our evergreen bushes. other than that, i didn't do any other gardening work today. i did notice rabbits have eaten a few long bean seedlings. these were the ones i planted from seeds directly into the ground. why i didn't protect them i don't know, i only regret not doing so in hindsight. i also spotted a red milkweed beetle hiding in the milkweeds. i'm going to leave it alone for the time being, even though it's going to eat some of the milkweed.

after dinner i stopped by my sister's house to let hailey out into the backyard to pee then back inside for dinner. she should've dropped off her dog at my parents' place before going out, instead of leaving her dog alone at home, with the stereo and air conditioner on.

i came home excited to see the nets-bucks game, until i checked the schedule and realized it was earlier today. i didn't understand what i was seeing at first, series tied 2-2, until i finally realized this meant the bucks won again. it will be so sweet if brooklyn loses the series. i ended up watching the suns-nuggets game. watching the suns play is a thing of beauty. MVP jokic ended up getting ejected due to a flagrant foul but i didn't think it was that bad. would denver have won with him still in the game? hard to say. even without him, the nuggets came within 1 point of phoenix. but the suns was just too dominant and ended up sweeping the series 4-0. are they really that good?

i found a new favorite show last night on amazon prime, massage detective joe (2017). it's the story of a painful shy masseuse who gets sent out to these house calls. for whatever reason, it always ends with murder, and the masseuse solves the case using the magic of massage. it sounds crazy and the show plays up to its campy premise, but i really enjoy it.