after a matcha latte and a tea egg for lunch, i finally left for boston around 2pm. temperature was only in the 60's but i wasn't expecting how cold it was until i stepped outside. made me want to put some pants on instead of wearing shorts, but i put on a jacket instead, easier to take off if i get hot. the sky was also overcast, like it might rain, but the weather forecast said it wouldn't rain until later in the evening into early saturday morning.

the cooler weather was refreshing, with memories of the recent searing heatwave still fresh in mind. it felt like natural air conditioning. also it's always nice to appreciate some cold weather during the warm season.

i only went to ming's market this time (2:25pm), despite their smaller selection. most of the stuff was for the cafe so i used the company debit card to pay. i almost bought a ladle strainer - for the next time i need to empty my paocai jar - but i didn't like the size (7.5cm), i wanted a larger one, so didn't buy it. i also discovered they sell kohlrabi, i didn't realize it was used in asian cookie. they called it "菜果" (caiguo) but when i looked it up on wikipedia yesterday, they called it "苤蓝" (pielan).

by 3pm i'd cut across downtown crossing and was in haymarket. all the clementines and tangerines were gone. instead i bought some tiny plums ($2 for 10), papaya ($5 for 3), strawberries (2 boxes $3), baby cucumbers ($2 for 2), baby sweet peppers ($1 a bag) and asparagus ($1 for 2). i left by 3:30pm.

instead of going home first, i rode the nearly 5 miles to the cafe to drop off the supplies. my 2nd aunt was there as well as my sister's godmother. my mother was giving them some of my yangbaechu kimchi and each of them took something from my haymarket haul (my 2nd aunt a papaya, my sister's godmother some plums).

even though it looked like it might rain, i continued on my way to the fresh pond reservation. this time i bought my panasonic lumix camera and my fuji 3D camera. i found a couple looking at something in the lupine field. at first i thought they were checking out the beekeeper in his white spaceman outfit, but they were actually looking at the deer hiding in the tall grass.

i found the lupines, i'm a little bit late in the season (they typically bloom in may). i might come back another time to maybe collect some seeds for the backyard garden. i haven't been to fresh pond in a long time, it's completely changed since my last full visit. this used to be a field of blue corn flowers back in 2008. who knows, maybe in a few more weeks they might reemerge.

i checked out the fresh pond community garden before i left. it's a nice setup, but hard to get to if you don't live nearby unless you park at the water treatment plant. it's all raised beds and the garden looked very sparse because they're not allowed to grow perennials, so mainly vegetables.

i finally got home by 5pm. since i barely broke a sweat in this cool dry weather, i didn't bother taking a shower. instead i reheated the leftover whopper from yesterday and ate it as a late lunch.

all that biking must've tired me out because i feel asleep on the couch around 6pm and didn't wake up until almost 9pm. i finished the last of my leftover pasta salad for dinner. it's going to be a while before i can eat pasta salad again. i ate while watching 76ers vs. hawks game (philly won, now lead series 2-1) followed by the suns vs. nuggets game. i haven't been paying much attention to phoenix, they're pretty amazing. i know very little about chris paul's game and i mostly recognize him from those really weird state farm commercials, but he has legit skills and is a clutch player. i also recognize devin booker and i know jae crowder from his celtics days. suns won, now leads the series 3-0 against nikola jokic (this year's MVP) and the nuggets. suns were also the team that ended lebron's lakers playoff run in 6 games. a suns-nets finals would be something to watch.