it rained a little bit last night because i could hear the patter of raindrops beating against the trash cans in renee's alleyway. it was too late to do anything about it, i just had to power through the noises. to make matters worse, i had the window open because it was finally too hot inside the house. when i woke up this morning, i could see that the pavement were still a little damp.

i went down to the community garden in the late morning. as proof how little rain fell overnight, most of my plants still had their diatomaceous earth dusting on their leaves. i forgot to bring my DE spray bottle, i'll bring it tomorrow. after i gave the garden a deep watering, i went about inspecting the plants. i pruned some of the tomatoes, removing suckers developing in the branch crooks. the bitter melons are doing well, the leaves finally unfurling and finding purchase on the trellis. my nigella seedlings are growing fine, nothing seems to be eating them even them, maybe slugs/bugs don't like the feathery leaves. i found two sets of potato beetle eggs on the grow bag ground cherry, and one adult potato beetle. my eggplants are not as large as david's, but they hold their own, and i grew mine from seeds. i also have two different varieties, shikou (all black) and pingtung (taiwanese long purple). the striped mallows growing in front of the grow bags are doing very well, almost like bushes how large they are, and two different types of flowers, white and magenta. i helped the hyacinth beans to find some purchase on their trellis; they grow slow, but once they find something to climb, they start growing fast. i'm probably the only gardener with hyacinth beans. my chinese aster seedlings also seem to be doing okay, nothing have eaten them so far; the bigger they get, the less vulnerable they are to critters.

i didn't get back home until 12:30pm. for some reason i had a craving for spicy buldak ramen despite the hot weather. so i poached an egg and cooked the noodles from a package. portion-wise, the package version seems to be about the same as a the instant-cup version. i emptied the flavor packets into a bowl before adding and mixing in the noodles then adding the egg and some chopped scallions. second time around the buldak noodles wasn't as crazy spicy only because i knew what was coming. i also discovered the quicker you finish the noodles, the less chance of the spiciness building up in between bites. afterwards my mouth was coated in red buldak sauce, like i was in some kissing contest.

i spent the rest of the day indoors. today was supposed to be the last day of the 5-day heatwave. already the inside of my house was 85 degrees. i busted out the found oscillating fan from my bedroom and put it to use for the first time this season. even though it was just recirculating the hot air inside the house, that little bit of breeze was quite comforting. nevertheless, about every 1-1/2 hours i'd jump in the shower and take a quick rinse to cool down.

if there was any work to do down i couldn't do it just because of how hot it was inside the house. instead i downloaded and watched loki, the new marvel mini-series from disney+. 10 minutes into the first episode, i was already fully committed. this is going to be a fun show, i thought to myself.

when evening finally came, i was comforted by the knowledge that my dinner was already prepared, some leftover pasta salad from yesterday. i ate relatively early, around 7:45pm. it was pretty good, but i kept thinking what else i could add to make it even better. what about some corn to give it some sweetness? pinenuts would also be good. afterwards i had some sliced cara cara oranges. they were supposed to be juiced, but they've been in my fridge for nearly 3 weeks and were a little dry and expired, so i ate them as-is.

my 2nd aunt called me, said youtube wasn't working on her TCL roku smart tv. in fact, she somehow managed to erase the youtube channel altogether. so i talked her on the phone on how to set youtube back up again, and then it became a line video chat because she needed to use her phone to verify her youtube account. the whole thing ended up taking an hour. it would've been faster if i biked over to her place and set it up for her. adding the channel was the easy part; signing into her youtube account took much longer. first we tried the easy way, doing it by phone, but for some reason it didn't work. we then did it the hard way by manually entering her username and password. after waiting for her to enter all the characters and numbers, we finally got it working.

around 10:30pm i left the house to leave a pokemon in a nearby gym. the temperature outside had dropped to a refreshing 79 degrees and the humidity was gone. when i came back inside the house it was like walking into a furnace. i opened as many windows as i could and ran all three of my fans (window, box, oscillating). by the time i went to bed i'd only lowered the indoor temperature by 2 degrees but it's a start.