i woke up last night ar 4am with a grumbling in my stomach and an urge to use the bathroom. i stayed on the toilet for half an hour, groaning and doubled over, a coat sweat covering my body, and a feeling that i also wanted to puke. was it something i ate? could the leftover buffalo chicken from last week be bad? or maybe it was those gold nugget oranges? or was it the sichuan paocai? how about those old celery sticks and chopped carrots with humus? once it was over, i crawled back into bed, my ass hurting so much i had to sleep on my side. the sun was already out.

my usual friday trip to chinatown and haymarket was cancelled because it looked like there might be some severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. in hindsight though, i would've totally been able to go, because even though the sky looked threatening and it darkened on a few occasions, we never got that much rain, a brief drizzle at most, not even enough to completely wet the pavement. but it was probably for the best, i don't think my butt could've taken the bumpy roundtrip to boston and back. it was a good day to just stay home.

my sister dropped by in the morning (after returning from ikea - her third trip - and scoring some outdoor chairs) to pick up the tea eggs, the sichuan paocai, and one last tub of yangbaechu kimchi. i called my mother asking how they tasted. she said the paocai was way too sour, but she would give some to my aunt who was coming to the cafe later today. she said the yangbaechu kimchi was too bland, which is strange because i used all the same portions (maybe it just needs more fermentation). my father tried one of the tea eggs, said they were good.

i saved a few tea eggs for myself, had one for lunch. i drank all my milk yesterday so no more matcha latte. i'm sort of unsatisfied with the latte i've been making. either the whole foods matcha powder is too lumpy, or the matcha simply doesn't dissolve as well in cold milk, so i'm left with a lot of undissolved chunks.

so i didn't do much for most of the day. i was going to do some blog updates, i've got the whole month of may missing photos, but never got around to it. i made a buffalo chicken wrap in the late afternoon as a snack, trying to gauge if it was going to make me sick. watching a movie on the couch (the night we never met 1993), i fell asleep around 5:30pm, didn't wake up until 8pm. since i didn't get sick earlier, i made another buffalo chicken wrap for dinner.