what started as just wanting to move a few seedlings outside to take advantage of the warm sunny weather ended up becoming a full-blown emptying out of my grow closet because of a fungus gnat infestation. as for the grow closet, i shut down the top bank of strip lights, but kept the other ones on, leaving behind a yellow sticky trap to catch some fungus gnats.

since all the seedlings were all out, i called my father, asking him to come and take them away, as well as the drumsticks for my mother to marinate. i got more boxes from the basement and packaged the plants so they'd be easy to carry. i picked out a few i wanted to keep for myself: 2 'ping tung' eggplants, 2 'shikou' eggplants, 2 bittermelons, 2 hyacinth beans. i didn't keep any buttercup squash for myself, i don't have the trellis space to raise them. my father came a bit after 11am and left with a carload of plants.

after my father left, i walked down to the community garden with 4 eggplants to transplant. helen was there, as well as anne, and also lynn. i almost didn't recognize because lynn wasn't wearing her mask. i noticed she was fixing her wilted stock plants. they were wilted in my plot as well, transplant shock. she gave me some cut tulips as thank you for giving her some flower seedlings yesterday. i planted one of the 'shikou' eggplants in the grow bag, while the three others i planted directly into the ground.

i didn't get back home until 12:40pm. i made a matcha latte and waited for the effects to kick in (i.e. going to the bathroom) before i left again around 1:30pm, for my weekly friday trip into chinatown and haymarket.

i started with ming's market, followed by c-mart. it was awfully quiet at ming's, the cashiers were bored with no customers waiting in line when i got there. i got some watermelon seeds. meanwhile at c-mart, the place was bustling with customers. i picked up two 6-packs of heysong soda. next i went to haymarket. the vendor where i got the oggi oranges no longer sold them, but he did have 5 gold nugget oranges for $2. i ended up buying 15 but they only charged me $5. elsewhere, i bought a bag of clementines for $3 and 2 boxes of strawberries for $3. i also got 3 large tomatoes for $2.

i left boston by 3pm. i stopped by a digital billboard in the west end, mesmerized by the displays. gal gadot was selling smartwater (i recently unjoined her subreddit over the fact that she's an unapologetic zionist who can't even recognize the existence of palestine) and there were some pretty ads for asian american solidarity.

i got home by 3:20pm and promptly took a shower to wash off all the sweat.

in the evening i had luxury korean ramen. this time i remembered to add the minced garlic, and i used my japanese kewpie mayonnaise. i had a taste of the mayo beforehand, there's a sourness that comes from the vinegar. if people seem to like this brand of mayo, it's because it contains MSG. i also added some tofu wedges, pickled radishes, and chopped scallions.

later in the evening i started watching mare of easttown after hearing some good things about it (it is HBO after all). i chromecasted it from my computer onto the HDTV while i continued working from my laptop. it's pretty good, an all-star cast, it reminds me of the killing, murder in a small town, how the lives of people are affected with some many interconnections.