for lunch i had the spicy pollack roe onigiri and a matcha latte. i've found that even though the whole foods matcha powder tastes pretty much the same as my previous matcha, when i whisk it it doesn't completely dissolve, and there are always tiny clumps of matcha left behind afterwards. as for the onigiri, i bit into some reddish spiciness right away, but like the eel, the flavor wasn't very strong and there wasn't a lot of it, it was still mostly rice. i won't be buying onigiri from maruichi anytime soon.

today was plant moving day for my seedlings. i've been slowly hardening up them outside on my backyard porch, and yesterday i left them outside the whole night. i've been waiting for the night time temperature to be above 50 degrees, and the long range forecast showed that was the case starting today. i moved some stuff into the basement (glass carboys, broken plasma ball) while at the same time retrieving a large enough box to carry all the seedlings into the garden. i then packed my plants: 3 'cloud day' tomatoes, 1 'super sweet 100' cherry tomato, 2 wild 'cocktail' cherry tomatoes, 2 'aunt molly' ground cherries, 12 nigellas, muffin box of chinese giant asters, and muffin box of stocks. i left behind the dozen chinese asters, 4 wild cherries, and 6 long beans (those i will move to belmont). i tied the box to the back of my bicycle using bungie cords and very carefully and slowly biked down to the community garden by 1:30pm.

i saw lynn in the garden working on her plot. i carefully unpacked all my plants. i have 5 grow bags, and decided to plant 2 'cloudy day' tomatoes, 1 cherry tomato, and 1 ground cherry in the bags, leave one free for a future 'ping tung' eggplant. the rest i planted in the soil. with the tomatoes and ground cherries, i made sure to add about a tablespoon of espoma plant food fertilizer grandules (10-10-10) into the hole before i planted. i also planted some of the tomatoes especially deep since they were so leggy. the wild tomatoes were fine though because i started them later.

i chatted with lynn and she showed me her plot. i'm very jealous of her garden because everything is so organized, she said she liked my plot because it's always changing, she never knows what she'll find. besides the organization, she also organizes by colors depending on the season: springtime she likes purple and blue flowers, while summertime she prefers warmer colors. so she planted some orange calendulas and red gamphoras, and currently some purple peony tulips are blooming. she also had a huge garlic chive plant. i let her have some of my asters and stocks because i had so much. she was very thankful as she had used up her garden budget buying soil for her raised bed.

once i was alone in the garden, i quickly dug out my DJI mini 2 drone and flew it up in the air to get some photos (only to about 200ft). i was surprised the fly app didn't crash once. there were some children playing in the park behind the community garden (i didn't flip over them) but nobody seemed to notice what i was doing. i tried to do a catch landing but it jerked out of my hand so i landed in the uneven path and the right rear props hit some grass before coming to a stop.

i didn't leave until 4pm, 2-1/2 hours later. i was supposed to go to the cafe and drop off the drumsticks but i forgot. instead i went to star market to stock up on some shweppes seltzer. the best flavor is pomegranate but i haven't see it in a while. now my second favorite is orange, and i bought 3 cases for $9. i also got some flaming hot cheetos.

i turned on the news because all day there was a state police holicopter hovering above south medford for some reason. i should've gotten on the police scanner and tried to hear what was going on, but there was no mention of anything in that area happening on the news. there was however a different kind of breaking news: CDC issued new recommendations that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks indoors and outdoors and no longer need to social distance. of course state set their own rules (following CDC guidelines) and MA hasn't announced any mask changes (other than people no longer have to wear masks outdoors), but i expect them to issue a new update next week. but the news is essentially game over for social distancing and masks, as we start getting back to normal. being a selfish person, i keep on wondering if there will be any parades later this year. i'd heard a rumor that maybe the pride parade would be moved to the fall this year? if that's true, then maybe the boston carnival parade can happen this summer as well. that's when i know things are getting back to normal, and not having to wear masks when i go grocery shopping.

i didn't have anything planned for dinner so i used my lazy man card and baked a frozen brick of lasagna in the oven. i ate while watching the second season of legend of the seeker. i'd forgotten what a bad-ass mord-sith cara is on the show.