i called my sister's godmother this morning to tell her i would arrive at her place at 1pm to continue assembling her tv stand. i calculated that it'd take me 4 hours to finish, that i'd be done by 5pm.

i moved out a bunch of my seedlings into the backyard deck, got them used to being outside before i transplant them in a few more days. the last of my milk went bad so i poured it out and had some leftover pizza pockets for lunch instead. i left the house by 12:40pm. i could've taken the motorcycle, but remembering what a nightmare it was to navigate cambridgeport yesterday, i decided a bicycle was the easier option.

i went to the td bank in central square first, to deposit a check my sister's godmother gave me for ordering her stuff her online. i tried depositing it using the app, but it wasn't able to read her writing. i used the ATM machine at the bank, it too had issues reading the amount from the check, so i had to enter it manually, which it finally accepted.

from there i went to my sister's godmother's apartment. i arrived at exactly 1pm, i pride myself on being on time.

i started assembling the tv stand. yesterday i'd brought home the instruction manual so i could study it and have a better idea where all the pieces go. once i started to put the parts together, it got easier to assemble. my sister's godmother was chatting with me, and sometimes i had difficulty concentrating, trying to follow the assembly drawings, piece together the furniture, while at the same time carrying on a conversation.

i finally finished assembling the stand by 4pm, an hour ahead of schedule. it fit perfectly in the wall alcove. once that was done, it was time to assemble the other tv stand, the universal swivel tv stand base. this was easier to piece together (and i'd already done it once before with my own tv stand), but it still me nearly an hour, because i was trying to be careful not to drop any of the heavier parts nor to damage the HDTV.

when the swivel tv stand was finished we put it on top of the tv stand table. placed flat against the wall the 50" television sticks out into the doorway to the bedroom, but when we swivel the tv so it sits diagonally on the table, it then fits perfectly.

i left by 5pm, all according to my schedule. instead of returning home, i stopped by the cambridge recycling center to drop off the two used lithium batteries (one from my father's pc laptop, another a samsung battery from my 2nd aunt's phone), before finally making it back. i was sweating from 4 hours of assembly work and the biking, so i changed out of my clothes and took a shower.

for dinner i took out my smokeless foreman grill and heated up some frozen hamburgers. i ate while watching legend of the seeker. even though i watched the show originally when it first aired, i don't remember a single storyline from any of the episodes.