i went to star market this morning in search of guacamole but only left with a jar of medium spicy salsa. i went to petsi's pies to see if they had any strawberry rhubarb pie. there were two girls inside so i waited outside until they were finished. i must've waited 10 minutes before they were finally done. they did have strawberry rhubarb, in sizes 5", 8", or 12". i opted for the 8" which was $15. i strapped it to the back of my motorcycle with some bungie netting and rode to belmont.

weather today was sunny and in the 60's but felt much warmer than that. first thing i did when i got to my parents' place was to move out all the houseplants so they can get some real sun. my sister had brought some dunkin donuts breakfast sandwiches and i had one for lunch. i was checking the fedex tracking website to see my sister's godmother's sofa delivery progress and was surprised when i saw it'd already been delivered at 11:20am. wayfair finally noticed me by e-mail and text message 40 minutes later that the sofa was delivered. both my sister and mother contacted my sister's godmother to ask her to go downstairs and check. after a length of time she finally found the sofa.

my father, my sister, and i ended up going to my sister's godmother's apartment to help bring up the sofa and install it. the delivery company basically just left the sofa box in the entrance, blocking the exit. we ended up dragging it into the elevator and hauling it upstairs. the sofa was designed to be installed with the included tool, but it would've been quicker if we brought our own socket wrenches. after we finished installing the sofa, we left by 2:15pm.

back at the house, we tried the strawberry rhubarb pie. i got it because we have a rhubarb plant and i never had rhubarb before. the pie was okay - tartness from the rhubarb, sweetness from the strawberry - but it wasn't anything spectacular. i think getting the pecan sweet potato pie would've been the better choice!

my father continued mowing the lawn while i mixed up half a gallon of neem oil solution and sprayed the jasmines and gardenia. every one of them had mealybugs, some worse than others. at one point some neem oil mist got in my eye and i had to go inside and wash it out in the sink. we also put in a new trellis in raised bed 4 using the final 2 u-posts and 8ft worth of 4ft tall wire fencing.

in honor of mother's day, my sister ordered chinese takeout for dinner from joyful garden in the watertown mall. we waited hungrily as she left to go pick it up. she came back with enough food to eat for 3 days. i sipped some japanese plum wine before eating so i was already drunk. after i finished, i lay down on the zero gravity chair and fell asleep for a few minutes.

i motorcycled back to cambridge. later i went out to put the cover on the bike since it'd be raining later in the evening. i ate a sumo orange and a orri orange while waiting for the latest episode (5) of the never to finish downloading. i watched another episode of the legend of the seeker before finally watching the never.