my father called me at 10am, said he was going to market basket and could drop off the two large bags of organic garden soil we got from home depot on monday. he arrived 10 minutes later. he came inside to pick up most of my seedlings. i selected 4 tomatoes and 2 ground cherries, but the rest (including 15 asian long beans) he took away to belmont. i got in the car and we drove to the community garden, where he helped me unload the bags of soil. i told him my idea of building a trellis for some long beans and bitter melons using u-posts. he dropped my off back at my house before leaving.

i would've stayed behind and did some gardening but i still hadn't used the bathroom yet. after a shower, i spent the rest of the morning organizing my grow closet, finally finishing by 12:30pm. instead of 2 rows of strip lights per shelves, i reconfigured the lights so it was 3 lights per shelves for a total of 2 shelves, with the hopes that there'd be more light so the seedlings won't grow as leggy, which has started to happen to the tomatoes and ground cherries.

i also noticed last night that one of the bitter melons had finally germinated after more than 2 weeks. i moved all 6 pots into the grow closet, maybe the warmth will further induce the rest to sprout. i actually dug into the soil to check on the remaining seeds, they seem viable, already sprouted their root tail, just another 2-3 days before they emerge as well.

i made a cup of matcha latte for lunch. i headed back out into the garden by 2pm, hoping to get some nice garden photos before it started raining. i bumped into susan, who was describing the total basement teardown they were doing after the first floor heater broke because it'd melted. i felt a little weird because i decided to go out without my mask, which seemed transgressive somehow, even though since friday it's allowed. i also ran into beth walking her dog. i saw her pulled her neck gaiter up when she saw me heading her way.

there was another person in the community garden, someone i'd never seen before. she seemed busy with her plot, we both ignored each other until she left a few minutes later and i had the whole place to myself. i took some photos of my own plot before going around looking for additional photo ops. i had planned on doing some garden organizing, but i'll wait until tomorrow when the weather's better (warmer, sunnier). it started to drizzle and i opened my umbrella. i left by 2:30pm.

i went out one more time, to star market, to get a few items on sale: mangoes (17¢ maximum of 5) and classico pasta sauce (97¢ maximum of 2 jars). when i went to pay, it rang up just $2.79, even the cashier was surprised by the bargain.

i spent the rest of the afternoon watching legend of the seeker (2008) episodes. they're so good, i miss the bygone days of syndicated shows. now every network has their prestige series, and a season doesn't last as long.

for dinner i heated up some frozen french bread pizza in the oven. i watched the celtics game against the orlando magic, it was a rare blowout win. the celtics were in 7th place for the playoffs, but with the victory tonight they move up to 6. this season they have a complicated system where there are also 9th and 10th seeds, who play the loser of the 7th and 8th seed, with the winner of the 7-8th matchup faces the 2nd seed. it's totally stupid, i don't know why they do it that way. let's hope the celtics can remain in the 6th seed so they don't have to play extra games.