with my upstairs neighbors leaving for the vineyard tomorrow, they hired professionals to clean their house before they left. they arrived at 9am and didn't leave until 1pm. it was 4 hours of non-stop noises, not sure what they were doing, vacuuming, mopping, moving the furnitures around, whatever it was it was noisy.

i went on an errand run in the early afternoon: walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, followed by market basket to get some groceries. i noticed a lot of kwanzan cherries are starting to bloom and redbuds are near peak. after stopping home to drop off some stuff, i continued to the cafe with some supplies, most importantly bags of edamame beans my parents needed for their bento boxes. my 2nd aunt was there for her replacement moto G4 play battery to arrive. my father discovered yesterday that her battery had started to bulge out so much the back of the phone couldn't be closed anymore. the replacement battery only cost $9 and was a simple matter of swapping out the old battery.

from there i continued to the alewife brook whole foods in search of matcha powder since i'm down to a few teaspoons. i don't go to whole foods all that often and i find the place intimidating, most of all the prices, like this whole other world where people can afford to shop there. i circled the store 3 times looking for their tea section until i finally had to ask someone. for such a big supermarket, their tea selection was actually kind of lacking. i couldn't even find the matcha powder i was looking for. i ended up leaving with some tangerines and corn chips on sale. to add insult to injuries, i couldn't scan my amazon prime code and had to stand there and wait for help while people waited behind me in the self checkout line. if they asked me to fill out a hypothetical customer survey, i would've told them i did not have a pleasant shopping experience.

since the cafe was along the way, i stopped by to drop off some tangerines and chips. my godmother as there now as well, in their knitting circle. my 2nd aunt tried the oranges, said they were sweet, and later tried the mi nina jalapeno agave white corn tortilla chips (currently on sale 2 for $6.30 for amazon prime members), she liked them enough she took the whole bag home with her.

i finally returned home by 4pm. i actually had the drone with me and thought about doing some flying in danehy park, but there seemed to be too many people and i didn't want to draw unwanted attention. for a late afternoon snack i chopped up some celery, added a pinch of salt, and ate them with a hummus dip.

i also spent some time tending to the grow closet, watering all the plants and shuffling them around. i noticed last night that some of the long beans had sprouted. i moved them into the grow closet. i also moved out the rudbeckia and snowy spires, i'm going to grow them on the backyard deck so i can have more room. only a small handful germinated, these seeds were difficult to sprout. while moving the plants i also noticed my 2nd batch seed starter trays of nigella and asters have also sprouted; those i moved into the grow closet for the time being. the ground cherries seem to be developing some flower buds, which is quite early; i prefer they focus on making more leaves instead. i'm trying to decide if i should pinch them off.

i was monitoring my emails and text messages all day, looking for updates about my sister's godmother's tv stand. it was supposed to be delivered today, but when i went to the wayfair site, it said it had already been delivered on monday. but when i looked on the order list, the status was "preparing for shipping" with an estimated delivery date for today. my sister's godmother went down to the mail room of her apartment building a few times today but didn't see any packages for her. i'll need to call wayfair tomorrow to find out what happened.

for dinner i made a tuna fish sandwich wrap. pretty much the same as a regular tuna fish sandwich, but instead of bread i used an 8" wrap. i added 3 tbsp of mayonnaise and 2 tbsp of sriracha. when it didn't look spicy enough, i also squirted a tsp of frank's red hot sauce. the final result was delicious but a little boring. i'm all about the wraps now, there's a world of possibilities.