temperature in the upper 50's today as i biked to belmont. i stopped to snap some photos of a toppled flowering cherry plum tree on huron avenue. i noticed a wheelchair in the driveway, the homeowners are probably in no condition to do anything about the tree, maybe they're waiting until the weekdays to call a tree pruner to take care of it.

as soon as arrived at my parents' place, i took a quick drone flight to check out some nearby flowering cherry trees. the DJI fly app didn't crash this time.

i had some noodles for lunch before we left for burlington to pick up binbin's mail. i also went through the house and adjusted all the timer switches. i bumped into their neighbor for the very first time, the one who's been collecting all their mails. he asked if i knew when binbin and her family were coming back. he knew as much as i did, which was basically nothing. with the pandemic, with their visa status, it's kind of a mess; besides, from her wechat feed, they seem to be having a better time in china than they ever did in the US.

afterwards we went to the bedford OSJL because my mother wanted to get some yarn and knitting needles. she asked one of the workers, they said they were all sold out. my father left with more stuff than she did, various garden hose accessories, 12" pots, and gardening spikes. they had 4-way manifolds for $8 in stock - the same ones on the OSJL website that they said were all sold - the same one i paid $12 for from amazon. instead of going home, we drove 20 minutes to the waltham OSJL. they did have yarn but not the needle sizes my mother wanted but she bought a few anyway.

my father and i dug up the goldenrods and some ornamental grass from the south perennial bed. there was a lot of goldenrods, i'd almost consider it a weed in the garden. we saved some, replanting them in a large unused pot we had in the backyard. for soil we dug around the bamboo trenches. as for the ornamental grass - which also grows fast enough to be a weed - we're just going to throw out once we shake off most of the dirt. i did accidentally uproot a sensitive fern which i located to the eastern shady garden plot. my father showed me the pre-germinated tomato seedlings he planted yesterday, already one seedling had emerged from the soil.

after dinner i borrowed one of the cars and drove back to cambridge because i need to go to medford tomorrow afternoon to get my second pfizer vaccine shot at CVS.