my mother called me at 9:30am this morning. i was still asleep. she said it was snowing and told me i should go outside and take some photos. i'd heard it'd be snowing in western MA and high elevation places, but i wasn't expecting it to snow here in the boston area. even stranger, the temperature was in the upper 30's, not cold enough to sustain snow, yet here we are. this seemed like the latest it's ever snowed here in the boston area, but i'd forgotten that it snowed late last year as well, on april 18th. 2 inches fell that time, and i even had to clean the snow off of the solar panels.

at first i was just going to take some simple snapshots from the living room, but the chance to grab some good photo opps was too great to resist. i pictured dramatic snow-covered cherry blossoms in my head.

i put on my rubber boots and jacket, grabbed an umbrella, and headed outside, the camera with telephoto lens tucked in my armpit to keep it dry.

i circled the block, photographing some flowering trees, including yoshino cherries and peach blossoms. i seemed to be the first person out there since it snowed because i didn't see any other foot prints.

i thought i was done when i came home, but there were some flowering trees in somerville that was worth checking out. so back out i went.

i photographed the peach blossoms on spring street and the stand of yoshino cherries in conway park. i didn't think there was that much snow but a large cherry blossom branch had broken off from all that extra weight. every so often i shook the snow accumulating on top of my umbrella.

there was another someone else photographing the cherry blossom, a girl with a long nikon telephoto lens. we said hello, i told her about the peach blossoms on spring street. i finally came home by 10:30am, an hour later.

for lunch, along with my usual matcha latte, i also made a bagel sandwich. it'd allow me to finally finish the leftover easter ham, and would leave dinner free for something different. instead of just adding avocado slices, i mashed the avocado into a guacamole paste along with some salt and minced garlic. the bagel was a formerly frozen bagel that i got from my parents; even after toasting it was still a bit hard to chew.

it continued snowing into the late afternoon, before transitioning into rain, as raindrops crackled onto my windowpanes. i spent some time cleaning the house, dusting the furnitures and reducing the clutter. i caught up on some movies, finished watching nobody (2021) with bob odenkirk.

the good thing about the snow and the cold is my heat firing back up in the evening, after a hiatus because it'd been so warm inside the house. i had dinner late, around 9:30pm. i made some cheap luxurious ramen, a recipe i got from emmymade. it's essentially a soup base of a raw egg, a tbsp of mayonnaise, and some minced garlic. mixed with some ramen broth before adding the ramen noodles and enough broth to cover. it was surprisingly good. i used some random package of chinese ramen (beef noodles), next time i want to try something spicy.