the wild cherry tomato seeds surprised me this morning by all sprouting (6). it was just two days ago when i removed the pre-germinated seedlings and planted them into pots. they looked deformed, the roots all crooked, i figured i'd be lucky if one or two ended up emerging from the soil, wasn't excepting them all to survive. and i wasn't sure how many more days i had to wait, but it took just 2 days, from pre-germinated sprouts to emerging-from-soil seedlings. i may have to reconsider the idea of pre-germinate for future seed germination. i ended up locating them into my grow closet so they can get some led light.

i went to star market to get some cuties mandarin oranges on sale. later in the afternoon i went again when my mother asked to look for some special tangerines that were also on sale. unfortunately i didn't find them, and returned home with some movie popcorn as a concession purchase.

today being tax day (even though they extended the deadline another month), i ended up filing my taxes. i did them last week using turbotax deluxe but was just sitting on them in case i had anything else to add. i was already getting a big chunk of refund, and i didn't think i could improve the amount anymore than what i already had. so i filed my federal taxes electronically for free - surreptitiously the one with the bigger refund. i also had state taxes to file, but the refund amount is only $35, and i need to mail it out (filing state taxes electronically cost money). more importantly, it requires i hook up the new laser printer i brought back in february that's still in the box.

i also did the taxes for my 2nd aunt and my sister's godmother. neither of them have to pay, and both are getting money back in the form of a refund because neither of them received their second stimulus payment ($600). i need both their bank account info so i can have the money go into their accounts electronically.

it was grey all day and got progressively darker as the day wore on. when i went to star market in the late afternoon, there was already raindrops. i ordered a 4-way garden manifold yesterday from amazon which arrived in belmont today. when my father got home he connected it to the rain barrels so now we have a complete loop. the barrels were already 2/3 full, this long duration rainstorm will fill them all up to capacity.

another night, another bagel sandwich. i can't eat anymore. i'm going to have last one tomorrow for lunch tomorrow, then eat something else for dinner, like maybe some savory ramen with an egg-mayonnaise-garlic soup base i saw online. good news is i continue to lose weight with my matcha latte for lunch and only dinner diet (down to 153.4 lbs. as of this morning). i don't know how long i can keep it up. i'm not sure i'll enjoy matcha latte quite so much once the weather warms up, but nobody said matcha latte can't be made with cold milk instead. my matcha powder supply is dwindling too. should i order more, or go back to my regular lunch-dinner routine?

i finally ordered some NP-F970 batteries. the old ones from the sony camcorder don't carry enough charge to power my led pancake light for very long. i got the pixel charger with two NP-F970 8400mAh batteries for $60. i've been researching them for a few weeks now, a lot of chargers use USB, but that's just too slow. the pixel charger takes power directly from the outlet. a single NP-F970 weighs 290g, which is more than the weight of my DJI mini 2 drone (250g).