though today wasn't as cold as yesterday, it was still a cold day, with temperature in the 40-50's. i brought a bag of flour and a box of mandarins to belmont. for lunch i had a croissant, some adzuki bean soup, and some melons with prosciutto.

not much going on this saturday. it was cold but sunny, perfect solar weather, and today we broke 50kWh for the first time this year, at 51.472 kWh. i brought an orchid into the bathtub and sprayed it with neem oil when i noticed some mealybugs. my father and i noticed our opposite door neighbor's Prunus mume were blooming. these seemed to be the pink "peggy clark" variety. we were wearing masks and the neighbors noticed we were poking around their front lawn so we didn't get a chance to notice any fragrance.

after dinner i returned home, my bike rattling across the bumpy streets of cambridge. my bike light was showing me the 50% capacity warning light so when i got back i charged it up immediately, along with the batteries for the rear light. i noticed my upstairs neighbors weren't home, which meant some peace and quiet. at least one of them came back after 10pm, thankfully choosing not to blare their upstairs music.

my barrina grow lights will finally arrive tomorrow after nearly 2 weeks. in the meantime my indoor seedlings are growing in my closet with insufficient lighting. i still don't even know if these new lights are any good, and how many i should hang per shelves. at least the lights will allow me to expand my growing area, i'll have 2-3 shelves instead of my current single shelf setup.

i finally updated all my backlog entries for march, so i'm caught up.