today felt like friday for some reason. this whole week has felt really long. can't even believe i got the coronavirus vaccine on monday, seems like weeks ago. maybe that's one of the side effects of the vaccine, temporal displacement.

today was a wet and grey and cold. the news this morning was the red sox opening game at fenway park was postponed until tomorrow due to the rain. i haven't seen my upstairs neighbors since thursday, once again i slipped their newspaper into the mail slot. a part of me secretly wished something tragic befell them, but steve finally wrote me e-mail today saying they were down on the vineyards and to bring in any packages for them. they'll be back tomorrow, so i have one more day of peace and quiet.

my father called me, told me last night he managed to set up all the rain barrels except the two black ones (because they needed missing cement cinder block bases). he reported that the 4 barrels in front of the house and the 4 barrels in the back were all filled to capacity overnight.

i went out briefly just once today, to tag a pokestop before returning home. i noticed dogs were trampling the daylily sprouts in front of the house so i got the wire fencing from the basement and installed them in the front yard to keep the animals out. the long beans continue to mature.

i spent most of the day filling in blog postings for march. i got to the point where i processed all the photos, i just need to fill them in for 5 days.

some more burgers and a salad for dinner, washed down with some sweet tea. i completely forgot to clean the foreman grill last night, there were chunks of solidified burger grease left on the machine. once i warmed it up though, the grease remelted and i made sure to clean it this time after the grill cooled down. i ate while watching the special crossover event between SVU and the newest law & order show, L&O: organized crime starring christopher meloni reprising his role of detective stabler. they killed stabler's wife, which is a cheap story telling trope serving as a motivating factor for the husband.

still no word on my barrina grow lights, continued to be stuck in connecticut since march 25th. i wrote the company a few days ago, they said they'd contact USPS, but i'm not optimistic. thankfully i had the foresight of ordering a new set off of amazon which is due to arrive this sunday, but i've kept on checking amazon and the order hasn't shipped yet out, so i'm wondering if it too ran into problems. a global shortage on grow lights it seems.