when i checked my ungerminated seedlings this morning, most of the stock flowers had sprouted. i moved them into the closet, each time with less and less space.

i also finally set up the eufy indoor 2K camera, after buying a 128GB microSD card last week. i set it to detect only humans and moved the sensitivity to maximum. it's been a dream of mine for a long time to be able to monitor the events outside my house without actually having to be by the window. this started back when i was working in my bedroom waiting for packages to arrive. now that dream has finally been realized.

as promised, the MA vaccine sent me an e-mail today with a special code and a link to book my vaccination appointment. i tried it out just to see what it's like. initially i was in an online waiting room, but after a few minutes i advanced into the signup portal. i made it as far as to pick the location (only hynes convention center was available; fenway park was also there but greyed out) and the time; they had a bunch of available appointments for april 2nd (this friday). it's too bad they contacted me same day right after i got my first dose of the pfizer vaccine, otherwise i would've definitely signed up with them, get my shot at the hynes convention center. i logged out before i had to give my personal and insurance info and unsubscribed from the vaccine registration e-mail.

with easter this sunday, it was time to buy some easter ham on sale. star market had a good bargain, $1.47/lbs., 97¢ if you buy over $25 worth of additional groceries. when i went to the store across the street to see their selection however, none of their cheap ham were smoked (the smoked ham was $4.99/lbs.). i left with two cantaloupes (97¢ each) as a concession prize.

i then went to market basket in search of a ham. they had boneless spiral cut hams at $1.99/lbs (normally $3.99). but i went with the traditional bone-in ham which was $1.69/lbs. (normally $2.99). they have two versions - honey or hickory smoked - i selected hickory smoked. i bought one that was around 8 lbs. looks like we'll be eating ham for a while. my mother also asked me to get her a few things, including some eggs. i was juggling shopping bags and all the while couldn't use my right shoulder because my arm still hurt, so when i finally left the supermarket i remembered i forgot to get the bean sprouts.

i returned home and had myself a whole milk matcha latte for lunch. i much more prefer regular milk instead of almond milk, it just tastes better. however i'm starting to reach that point where i'm getting sick of matcha latte. i'm nearly done with my matcha powder, once i use it up i'm taking a break from matcha. i still want to make a matcha green tea muffin i've been thinking about for a while.

i left around 1:30pm to drop off the ham, cantaloupes, and prosciutto at the cafe. both my aunt and godmother were also there. i borrowed the car and drove directly to home depot to buy another bag of vigoro crabgrass preventer and a new rake. i then drove to my parents' place to do yard work.

i started by planting some new grass seeds in two bare spots in the backyard. i then raked as much thatch as i could from the lawn before sprinkling the crabgrass preventer. the bag said to use 9-1/4 setting on the broadcaster but that's too big a hole; i dialed it back down to 7 which gave a more conservative spread. i made sure not to get any on the bare patch, otherwise the grass seeds won't germinate.

after i was done close to 4pm, i couldn't resist an opportunity to fly the drone a bit on such a nice day. it was a little windy but nothing to be overly concerned with (unlike this past weekend, when it felt like hurricane force winds). the objective today was to fly to a spot in watertown bordering the oakley country club. there's a property we see all the time when we drive up school street to get to home depot, what looks like either tennis courts or basketball courts in somebody's backyard. by the time i got there, i had 2-3 bars of RC reception left. i took some photos and sent an auto return-to-home command for the drone to come back. miraculously the DJI fly app never once crashed today but poor reception prevented a few photos from downloading onto the phone, which i later did manually.

i drove back to the cafe by 4:20pm then biked back to my house.

as far as pfizer vaccine symptoms go, i just have the soreness in my right arm. it seemed to have gotten worse today, more painful that a flu shot, and moving the arm would cause soem discomfort. the rest of my body felt achy as well - my left arm, my legs, my back - but hard to say if it was vaccine related or because i raked so hard yesterday. by evening the pain started to subside. when i took a shower, the pain was mostly gone unless i really press down on the injection site, and i could move my arm again without hurting. it's just really strange how fast the pain appeared and then just as quickly disappeared. i think by tomorrow i'll be back to 100%.

i contacted barrina to try and cancel my grow light order. it seems like it already shipped, but the shipment has been stuck in the same place in connecticut for nearly a week now. i ended up buying the same lights from amazon; they cost $10 more but at least i know when they'll get here. had i ordered them this morning they would've arrived on thursday but now they won't get here until saturday. i got them in white this time, which was what i originally wanted before they were sold out (then back in stock a few days later). if the plurple grow lights i ordered directly from barrina arrive this week, i'll return the ones i bought from amazon. otherwise, i'll set up the amazon lights this weekend and return the plurple lights once they eventually arrive.

for dinner i heated up two ready made frozen beef hamburger patties in my smokeless foreman grill. i cooked it too long and i ended up with two rather dry patties, couldn't taste any of the beef. but they were still good burgers after i added the condiments (cheese, onion, ketchup, mustard, relish). i bought a dozen patties so i'll be eating hamburgers the rest of the week. and i mention this every time, but even though the grill advertised as smokeless, it still creates some smoke, and afterwards the kitchen then the rest of the house smelled like hamburger grease.