temperature today was in the mid-60's which meant as soon as i got to belmont, my father and i moved out all the plants from the basement grow room (other than the cactuses) so i could spray them with neem oil extract. besides the pesticide treatment, it was also a clear sky sunny day, so the plants all got a chance to enjoy some real sunshine. i managed to find mealybugs in most of the jasmines and gardenia, but just a few, not enough to harm the plants, and small enough that once i removed them i couldn't find anymore. i finished spraying the half gallon of neem oil extract mix before going inside for lunch: thin noodles mixed with the leftover chicken thighs and asparagus from last night.

around 3pm i did some drone flying. the mission today was fly over the belmont farm and check out if they had started planting anything yet. it's been 10 days since i last flew. i started by doing a flyby over fresh pond golf course. i noticed they'd opened the course up this weekend. golfers were either walking the yellow grass or riding in carts, while along the perimeter of fresh pond i saw people out strolling and biking in the nice spring weather. from there i headed towards the farm. there was no activity outdoor, but maybe they have things already growing inside the greenhouse.

i figured i'd swing by burbank before returning home, but i actually got lost because the camera was pointed downwards and flew the drone in the direction of the high school. even when i saw claypit pond i still didn't know where i was and figured maybe it was fresh pond. only when i pitched the camera upwards and saw the high school did i realize where i was. i was already at the limit of my radio control signal, as i quickly brought the drone back.

when i got back and reviewed the video footage, i noticed a large crowd of people gathering in the high school parking lot. i didn't know what was going on so i did a search for belmont high school and saw that they were having an anti-asian violence vigil at 3pm. one of the sponsors was the belmont chinese american association, i didn't even know one existed (goes to show how many chinese people are now living in belmont).

with the sun getting low on the horizon, i started bringing in the plants around 5pm.

my father made fried eggplants for dinner, while my mother cooked up a bowl of sour and spicy long beans with minced pork. we also heated up some chinese sausages in the toaster oven.

like yesterday, by the time i was making my way home it still wasn't dark yet. the first quarter moon hung brightly overhead on a clear sky. i can't wait for my crankset to arrive the middle of this coming week. the trek utility rides fine, but the gearing seems a little off, and i don't think i'm riding in the most efficient gear. for the time being there's nothing i can do about it since i can only ride in this one gear, but once i install the new crankset, i can still shifting gears again.