i woke up with lingering toothache in one of my upper left molar. i noticed it last night. it doesn't hurt when i eat, only when i suck on it. i made myself a matcha latte, using vanilla almond milk for the very first time. already sweetened, i didn't need to add honey. heated in the microwave at 1-1/2 minutes, it seemed hotter than using whole milk. it had a different flavor, the bitterness of the matcha is more pronounced.

i rode to chinatown around 1pm to pick up some stuff from c-mart. temperature was in the 60's, warm enough to ride in shortsleeves. i bought a bunch of vegetables, mostly for refilling the sichuan paocai containers. i didn't have to go to ming's market afterwards as i found most of the stuff i needed. a few things were a few cents were expensive, but if it saved me a second trip to a different supermarket, it was worth it.

i returned to the cafe, traveling down mass ave, cutting across central square and harvard square, to drop off the supplies. only my father was there, my mother walked down to the fresh pond plaza with my 2nd aunt. my other aunt showed up, bought a bento box to take home. i told her i contacted the radio repair guy and he said he'd fix the radio this weekend and ship it out by next week. i left soon after my mother and 2nd aunt came back around 4pm. i snacked on a bowl of sichaun paocai and watermelon seeds.

my father came by my place after work, around 6:15pm. he brought the new rear bike wheel that i shipped to my parents' place (unfortunately i intended to work there since i may need the vise to remove the freewheel). i loaded the bed frame into the car and we drove into boston to pick up my sister's godmother from south station. in hindsight, it would've been easier to have her take the red line to central square (just 5 stops away, 10-15 minutes) while we waited for her at her apartment. there was a sense of deja vu as we drove by a bunch of places i'd already visited this afternoon when i biked to chinatown.

after picking up my sister's godmother, we got back to her central square apartment a bit before 7pm. we parked in the circular driveway and unloaded the car, the metal bed frame and the lafuma zero gravity chair. we assembled the frame, a perfect fit for the box spring and mattress. we also installed the shower caddy. finally, my father showed her how to work her new microwave and convection toaster oven. we finally left after an hour. i was surprised we didn't get a parking ticket.

i got back home by 8pm. i made some ramen, added an egg, some spicy bean curd, and some leftover lettuce i had in the fridge.