this morning i went to my sister's godmother's apartment to wait for the delivery of her costco-purchased sealy full-size mattress and box spring. i got there early because the apartment management apparently only has office hours until 11am. the door was locked so knocked to get someone's attention. a woman came out, i asked her about the cable/internet situation. she told me to just call comcast and confirmed comcast has an issue with apartment numbers for the building.

this was only my second time being in this apartment. the view of boston was still amazing, but second time around i actually felt a little jaded. i had a bunch of camera equipment ready but i didn't really take that many photos. one reason was there simply wasn't anything interesting. if it was a colorful sunrise or sunset that'd be something, but with normal daylight with a cloudless sky, it was pretty boring. the apartment was super hot - 78 degrees - even though the thermostat was set to 70 degrees. i think it's because the shades were open and the sunlight had heated the apartment.

the apartment furnishing can only be described as minimalistic: new convection oven and microwave on the kitchen countertop (even though there's already a full-size oven), a borrowed zero gravity chair in the living room, a mattress on the floor in the bedroom for sleeping.

i tried my username and password to access the xfinitywifi hotspot and it worked very well, to the point where my sister's godmother doesn't even need her own internet if she can simply piggyback off an xfinity hotspot from any one of her neighbors. i was getting download speeds of 20-30Mbps, which is about as fast as the cafe wifi speed. i even tried netflix, worked fine, wasn't blocked at all.

i contacted q craig's list person looking to sell an adjustable metal bed frame out of inman square. it was close enough that i could walk there and pick it up. the seller hadn't answered my e-mail yet.

although the furniture wasn't scheduled to be delivered until 12-2pm, at 11:35am i received a call from the delivery company saying they'd arrive in 5 minutes. that was fine by me, the sooner they deliver, the sooner i can leave and go about my day. by the time i went downstairs the delivery truck was already there, parked halfway on the sidewalk, blocking the circular driveway. two burly guys came out, each one grabbing an item, one person the mattress, the other with the box spring. i wouldn't exactly call it white glove service, as they were dragging the purchases, thankfully they were wrapped in plastic. technically they're supposed to set everything up, but they just basically dropped off the items and left. one of the guys took a photo proof of the delivery and i signed a document on his phone.

with that i was finished. i figured i'd around a bit longer to see if the craig's list seller had responded yet. minutes later i received a text message - chris - saying we could meet at the storage place around 1:15pm. that storage place turned out to be the one by market basket, so i know it well. that meant i had a little over an hour before i had to meet chris. my original plan for the day was to do some drone flying above cambridgeport but now i didn't have time. i did however make a mcdonalds order through their app, got a free spicy chicken sandwich with a $2.99 medium order of fries. i packed up my things and left the apartment.

mcdonalds was nearly around the corner, just a short 2 minute bike ride. i hit the "i am here" button on the app when i got there, and they packaged up my order while i briefly waited. i never knew this but this mcdonalds is actually 24 hours, something to keep in mind if i ever get hungry late at night and don't mind making a trip to central square. there just aren't very many 24 hour places in greater boston.

i got back home by 12:30pm. i quick ate my mcdonalds lunch. the spicy chicken sandwich had that telltale mcdonalds dressing with pickles (like their hamburgers). the breaded chicken was dry (not juicy like wendy's spicy chicken sandwich), it was okay, but given the choice, i would've rather ordered the big mac or just a regular mcdonalds hamburger. the fries were thin and oily.

my father came over around 1pm, to take me to the storage location. we got there early so we went to market basket looking for roach bait (my sister's godmother said she saw roaches in her apartment, which i kind of don't believe because that's a brand new recently renovated unit) which they didn't have (only the spray). while my father went to go return some cans, i waited by the back of the warehouse.

chris texted me that he was getting the frame from his storage. when he finally came out, the frame was missing some screws for the center piece (which is only needed for queen and king size beds). chris said he had another frame and went back inside. for some reason i decided to pay him first, which i later regret, because he was taking forever to come out, and i thought maybe he bailed on us and took the money.

finally he came up with a different looking frame, one that didn't fold. it seemed good enough so we took as he went back inside. but while examining the frame, we realized it wasn't adjustable. we assembled it in the parking lot and it looked suspiciously like a fixed queen size bed frame. i contacted chris to see if we can exchange it back, he didn't respond, i finally had to call, and he told me he could bring the other frame to my house at 4:45pm. back at my house, we took a piece of the frame and compared it to my queen size bed, sure enough it was a queen size frame. after dropping off the rest of the frame, my father returned to the cafe.

when 4:45pm came around, chris texted me he was heading to the warehouse to get the bed frame and was running a little late. i took him to take his time. he didn't get here until 5:15pm, but true to his word, he brought the original bed frame. we did the exchange, i'm happy he didn't try to screw us over.

my rareseeds order arrived today. hopefully i can do some planting within the next few days. i feel i'm already late to the germination party, with some flower seeds requiring 8-12 weeks of germination. i'm wondering whether i should make my own seed starting mix for some of the smaller flower seeds or just plant them in potting soil.

i repaired the googly eyed quartz somebody left on my doorstep during the pandemic. one of the eyes had fallen off. what's special about it though is the googly eye has eyelashes. i tried to find matching googly eyes but i couldn't. the closest i found had a white background, while the original eyes had yellow. i ended up order a packet ($1.59) from china via ebay, it took 1-1/2 months to finally arrive. now i have way more googly eyes than i know what to do with them.

for dinner i had another chicken caesar salad. i started watching season 5 of the expanse. it's much better than season 4, which was boring with the storyline set on a alien planet and the struggles between belter settlers and legal earth charter representatives. season 5 is more rooted in old fashion belter terrorists destroying the earth, sort of like a 9/11 parallel.