i didn't realize my sister's godmother had come back to town until my mother called me this morning. she said they were still at costco getting supplies for my sister's godmother, and were stopping by the cafe after they drop off my sister's godmother, and wouldn't be back in belmont until after 12:30pm. that gave me plenty of time to use the bathroom, take a shower, and make myself a cup of matcha latte. i was going to take my fuji bike (since the rear wheel on the trek cargo is busted), but i needed the trek's rear baskets to carry things, so i took the trek anyway despite only having front brakes.

when i got to belmont i had beef noodles for lunch. later in the afternoon my parents cooked up a fresh batch of soy milk with black rice and nuts. the soy milk strainer we bought 3 months ago off of ebay finally arrived and we used it to strain the soy milk. it looked like the mesh was too fine for anything to pass through, but it did a very good job of capturing all the solids and still allowed the liquid to strain, though my father had to keep on tapping the strainer. the final strained soy milk was 100% liquid, not a speck of solid. it worked so well we ended up buying a nut milk bag from ebay, so we can strain the soy milk with our hands.

i help my sister's godmother order a lafuma zero gravity chair from amazon, then later a full size sealy mattress and box spring from costco. we were going to pick it up from the warehouse and bring it back ourselves (saving $110 in shipping cost), but the hassle of tying the mattress and boxspring on roof of the car without risking injury just wasn't worth it. besides, the costco price was already super cheap, much cheaper than elsewhere, so my sister's godmother still saved money regardless. the only caveat is somebody has to wait in her apartment wednesday when it gets delivered.

i applied blue loctite onto the DJI mini 2 drone propeller screws. i was having a hard time resting them upside down once i dabbed a tiny bit of blue loctite liquid onto the thread, until i figured out i could get a piece of duct tape and tape the screws for easier application.

peddling home after dinner, for some reason i had a real problem with my facemask tonight, not only was it fogging up my glasses so much that i couldn't see, but i couldn't breathe either. i ended up wearing it on my chin for the most part, it was cold and dark anyway, i didn't see too many people out on the streets. when i got back home i went to the basement to inspect my fuji bike, which i will definitely ride tomorrow. i'll take it out tomorrow since the tires are flat and i don't want to leave it outside and have the flat tires freeze solid.

i finished watching doctor strange today, one of the few marvel movies i've never watched before. to be honest, i wasn't all that interested, but maureen said it was good, and scarlet witch will be appearing in the next doctor strange movie, so i figured it was a good time to catch up. the film is really trippy, especially the multi-dimensional battles. i kept thinking to myself, "this would look really great in 3D." so i went online and checked, and sure enough, the original movie did have 3D. i found a copy online and left it to download. once it's finished, i'll watch the movie again, this time in 3D.