i made a point to get to belmont early enough so i could make korean rice cakes for lunch for my parents. there was also a risk of rain showers and when i checked the doppler radar there seemed to be a dry window so i left my house as soon as possible. we used up an entire frozen 2 lbs. bag of frozen rice cakes, along with a packages of fried tofu triangles. korean rice cakes really hit the spot on a cold grey day. my mother ended up having two servings, while my father had a small bowl, and i had just a single serving myself.

i was hoping the temperature would reach the 50's today but it barely got above the 40's. not only was it cold and grey, but it got progressively windier as the day wore on.

i went to the grow room and inspected all the plants. the jasmine by the fan has the most amount of mealybugs, all on the lower leaves, the areas least likely to be sprayed by the neem oil. i only saw a few tiny mealybugs on the gardenia which i removed with alcohol. the two jasmines on the left side of the room underneath the grow light had some mealybugs on the lower leaves, and likewise the terracotta jasmine. the two jasmines on the right had one or two very tiny mealybugs. i took the single jasmine and the terracotta jasmine and sprayed them in the box. i also sprayed the cactus tips.

there was a colorful sunset today and i wanted to fly the drone to get some photos, but the winds were too strong, the bamboos were tilted nearly 45° from the breeze. i did want to risk losing the drone to a strong gust so i played it safe and didn't fly.

after dinner i biked home. the temperature had dropped into the 30's, not too cold, but it was very windy. i put on a pair of long underwear i had the foresight to bring with me.

i spent the rest of the evening watching ted lasso and finished all 10 episodes of season 1. i watched the first episode last night and was hooked immediately, and couldn't wait to watch the rest of it today.