my father gave me a ride around noontime because it was raining. earlier he and my sister were helping her godmother move more things to her new central square apartment. i made two italian subs with my remaining cold cuts. while i waited for my ride, i also had a bowl of cereal, trying to use up all my milk before it goes bad.

while my parents were eating their italian subs (they only ate half), i had some noodles for lunch my mother had made for me. with it still raining outside, there wasn't much to do this afternoon but snack and watch nothing good on television.

at one point my father and i cleaned the living room jasmines with alcohol-dipped cotton swabs when he discovered some mealybugs. that's strange because i sprayed them with neem oil extract on wednesday, but i guess i mustn't have been thorough enough. fortunately monday might be another 50 degrees day, so i can take another stab at spraying all the houseplants.

in the late afternoon i went to go take a nap, waking up before dinner. i slept on top of the cover which was cold, but finally crawled underneath the cover and got too hot. i dreamed that hailey stole all my pizza when i went to the kitchen for a few seconds.

my father gave me a ride back to cambridge. it was foggy, the full moon like a dimly light white bulb in the sky. i took a shower when got home. i fixed myself a warm mug of hot chocolate then finished watching episode 2 of the season 2 of for all mankind. later in the evening i got a little hungry and made myself a cup of maruchan instant noodles.

in the news today was the FDA's emergency use approval for the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. this was all a formality, the FDA already found the vaccine safe to use, and this was just a final approval stamp. the J&J vaccine will speed up the vaccination process since it only needs regular refrigeration, has a long shelf life, and only requires one shot. it's good in every way except it's only 70% effective against the coronavirus, compared to the 95% of pfizer and moderna. however, those two mRNA vaccines were trial tested before the predominance of the various variants. if they were to be tested now, their efficacy might be lower. regardless, given the chance to get a vaccine, you take whatever you can get. more than likely we'll all need an additional booster shot at the end of the year to combat the new variants.