we had a snowstorm on sunday, and now 2 days later we have another snowstorm. it was cold enough that there was no threat of sleet, and the snow that came down was the dry powdery kind. it was snowing when i woke up, stopped for a while, then started back up in the afternoon. for lunch i made a matcha latte and ate some leftover barbecue.

the only bit of productivity i had today was to back up photos from the past 2 months onto external drives. i cleared up almost 100GB worth of space on my macbook pro.

today was also the start of trump's 2nd impeachment trial in the senate. i watched a little bit of it but it was boring. it was easier to digest the summary of today's events on the news or an online article, spared me the pain of watching an second impeachment.

i was casually browsing cambridge's covid webpage and out of curiosity went to see if there were any available testing slots. bear in mind, this is for testing, not for vaccination. i was surprised there were actually appointments available in 2 weeks in harvard square, so i booked an appointment to get tested. i don't think i've contracted the coronavirus, but it doesn't hurt to be sure. also it'd be an interesting pandemic experience to have, to see what it's like to get tested.

at 6pm i went outside to do some shoveling when the snow seemed like it'd let up. there wasn't much snow (1-2") and what little there was was dry and fluffy, like shoveling powder, hard to pile up. i also brought out the trash bins.

for dinner i finished the leftover barbecue and had some orange slices. later in the evening when i took out the trash, i also did a bit more shoveling and sprinkled some salt on the sidewalk.