i had an omelette with my matcha latte for lunch. i felt very warm and calm afterwards. out of curiosity, i took some blood pressure readings, it was still high, though the last reading was a bit lower.

later in the afternoon i got my bike out of the basement and went to market basket for some groceries. today's temperature was 39°F which felt downright warm. it's due to rain for much of tomorrow so today was a good day to run errands. hopefully the rain will wash away some more snow, clearing the bike paths.

i got home close to 3pm. my sister texted me, asking if i was going to make anymore korean kimchi since she ate all the ones i gave my parents. i called her, said i had a full jar i could give her, provided she drive to my place to pick it up and take all the supplies i bought my parents from the supermarket. i also added my two jars of jiu niang from last night and put everything in a plastic tub. when she arrived she gave me a bag that contained some paper towels and some glutinous rice cake my mother had made.

after going to star market to pick up some pork rinds and clementines, i grabbed my drone and headed down to sacramento field. i was looking for a place to fly. it was also my very first time being on the field; i've always seen it from the community garden, but in all this time i never had a chance to actually visit. it was a great place to fly, wide open, with clear unobstructed view of the sky. unfortunately there were also people there, from parents with kids to owners with dogs. so i ended up flying from the community garden, where there was nobody there. i wasn't planning to do much flying, just wanted to send the drone up in the air 400ft and take a 360° panorama. it took all but a few minutes, would've been even faster but i was also taking some regular snapshots. i launched from a snow pack after realizing the drone was light enough to sit on top of the snow.

back at home, i did another drone experiment, hovering the DJI mini 2 in the middle of my living room so i could take an indoor 360° panorama. it works but because it was flying with no gps, it had a tendency to wobble, which resulted in some stitching errors in the final panorama. i nervously watched as the drone rotated in the air taking the 27 photos for the panorama. it made me realize that the drone can't actually look up, so the view directly overhead is just a blend, not the actual topview.

i also discovered that if i accessed the individual pre-stitch panorama photos on the drone via the fly app, it will stitch the panorama for me if one isn't available. that's how i was able to create the missing 360° panorama from my 800ft test flight on cold sunday.

my flapjack led light arrived today, 2 days ahead of schedule. had i known, i would've sent it to my house instead of my parents' place. i'll get to check it out over the weekend.

one of the news items today was the house voting on stripping the republican "qanon congresswoman" her committee assignments. the democratic vote was unanimous, while 11 republicans crossed party line to side with the democrats, with 199 republican house members voting that she shouldn't be penalized for her past incendiary and violent statements.

around 9pm i started making dinner, made some korean rice cakes. i added some sliced tofu squares for variety. i had a good reduction on the spicy sauce, by the time i finished eating there was hardly any left. some of the rice cakes were undercooked. i still have some leftover tofu, either i make more rice cake for dinner tomorrow, or use the tofu in some ramen recipe.