today the snow started. when i woke up this morning i was nervously excited. the sky was already grey and by noontime it started snowing. for lunch i warmed up a leftover homemade blueberry muffin and heated some milk in the microwave for a mug of hot chocolate. i didn't need anything from the supermarket but i went anyway, almost out of instinct whenever there's a storm. i picked up some potato chips on sale.

the snow was short-lived however, as it transitioned to sleet by the late afternoon. the temperature along the boston coastline simply wasn't cold enough to sustain the snow. when i checked the weather forecast later in the day, instead of a snow storm, it was a sleet and rain storm. even without looking outside i knew something was wrong. snow is silent; this storm however was making all sorts of noise, as sleet pellets crackle on windowpanes and the winds were howling. later in the evening i thought about go outside to shovel but i realized if it really was going to keep on the raining, eventually all that slush will simply melt anyway, nature's natural snow removal.

my 4oz. of culinary grade matcha ($12) arrived today a few days ahead of schedule. i bought it on a whim saturday night when i saw it was for sale on amazon. matcha is expensive! culinary grade is primarily used for recipes, not for direct drinking (that's ceremonial grade, even more expensive), things like smoothies, lattes, or baking. i could make my own matcha latte except i don't have a milk frother (thinking about getting one, want to ask my parents first because they have more expensive with frothers). i was also thinking of making matcha muffins. there needs to be some other ingredients though: blueberries would clash with the green color, i was thinking of yellow/green raisins.

i watched derek delgaudio's in & of itself today: part concert film, part performance art, part magic show, part motivational speaker, part autobiography. i was bit a teary eyed by the end, hard to explain, but it was pretty amazing.

for dinner i made some ramen, ate it with a bowl of sichuan paocai. later i had an asian pear.

i called my sister in the evening, asked her if her godmother's housing appointment tomorrow morning was still happening. she left her connecticut nanny work on sunday just for this appointment, which ended up getting cancelled. they moved it to friday but she needs to go back to connecticut, so they re-scheduled it for next week. her godmother has the worst luck, her appointments are always getting re-scheduled or cancelled.