temperature was in the teens today, i think i overheard on the news broadcast that it's been 2 years since it's been this cold. i spent some time fiddling with the DJI fly app settings (like calibrating the gimbal on the camera) before having cereal for lunch. i haven't had cereal in a long time, but it wasn't a smart idea eating cold food on a cold day so i put on a fleece jacket and my wool socks to stay warm.

in the afternoon i biked to the beacon street walgreens to get a few things. the two places i felt the cold was in my legs (i wore my fleece-lined pants but i may have to wear another layer of thermal underwear underneath to stay warm) and my gloved hands.

coming back, somebody was calling me on the phone. when i stopped to check who it was, it was actually the walgreens pharmacy. so i took a detour and went to the somerville avenue walgreens to pick up the 3 prescriptions i refilled over the phone this morning.

i spent the day monitoring the temperature fluctuation in the upstairs apartment via the nest thermostat and the remote temperature sensor. i could clearly tell that kevin had opened the window again because of the drop in temperature. but my father said it could also be because of the restaurant downstairs, when they have their ventilation system on, it actually sucks the hot air from the upstairs apartment, so the rooms get cold. so it's not entirely kevin's fault although opening the windows during the cold days this winter certainly don't help.

for dinner i cooked up a box of white cheddar shells mixed with some frozen kale. there seems to be a big snowstorm coming on monday-tuesday, i won't have time to get any groceries until then, but i think i have enough to eat in the house that i don't need to visit a supermarket next week.