pouring rain started in the middle of the night while i was sleeping. i was expecting this and decided to sleep in a bit, wait for the rain to stop by around noontime before heading over to belmont. but my father called me around 10:20am, said he could give me a ride. we agreed he'd come at 11:30am, giving me an hour to get ready. by the time my mother called 30 minutes later, i was already ready to go, so my father came to pick me up. even though it was pouring rain this morning, by that point the rain had pretty much stopped and i could've biked in the relatively warm weather if i wanted to.

i had some rice porridge and pastry wrapped sausages for lunch. i helped my father refine our 2021 accounting spreadsheet, figuring out ways to automate the data collection. my mother was in her bedroom watching korean drama on the imac. when the clouds started clearing up, she went out for a walk, returning home soon afterwards when the sky suddenly turned dark and she got caught in some rain.

my money had finally went into my td bank account. so the way my finances work is i use my amazon credit card for just about everything, since i can earn points with purchases. i don't use my td bank debit card at all except as a credit card backup. i pay my amazon card directly through a bank transfer, and likewise with my eversource utilities, and my paypal. i also use my bank account to pay for a few other things, like taxes, but i'll enter those info when i get to them. that's pretty much the extent of it, i thought there'd be more hooks to untangle. i also bought a box of checks online, the cheapest i could find, about $6. i hardly ever write checks anymore, except to my upstairs neighbor steve to pay for my share of the quarterly water bill. another thing i noticed yesterday was td bank opened a credit card account in my name without asking me first. i thought this was a little weird and wanted to go back and get them to cancel it, but the credit limit was very high, and it might come in handy in an emergency (though i doubt they'd let me withdraw the full amount in a single transaction). this is most likely because i deposited a large amount of money yesterday, and the credit limit reflected that (a high roller i am not). i'll keep the card for the time being, but might go back and ask them about it.

we didn't have rice for dinner. instead, my mother made a bowl of glass noodle salad while my father and i were outside barbecuing drumsticks. tonight was the best night to do it, as tomorrow and monday the temperature will be colder. my mother had marinated the drumsticks at least a day, and we grilled them on high heat, 10-15 minutes per side, before slathering on the sweet chili sauce and cooking them a few minutes more on low heat for the sugar to caramelize a bit.

after dinner my father gave me a ride home. after a shower, i settled in for a night of football. earlier there was a rams-packers game. green bay was coming off of a bye week, and you didn't need to be a genius to know that they were the favorite to win. no surprise when they eventually did win, 32-18. the evening game was between the ravens-bills. i really like buffalo, i'm hoping either the bills or the browns to win it all. the two teams were evenly matched, and the score stayed 3-3 in the first half. the wind seemed to be the deciding factor, as both teams flubbed throws and missed field goal kicks. once the bills got a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, that gave them some breathing room. when lamar jackson threw a pick six, that seemed to have broken baltimore's will to win. jackson suffering a concussion was the nail in the office. raven's backup quarterback put up a valiant effort, but buffalo's defense was legit and put an end to raven's season. final score was 17-3.

at some point during the evening i slipped out to the liquor store to buy a powerball ticket before they closed. "take care, my friend!" the clerk said to me as i left. i've always wondered if he's indian or pakistani. whenever i thought somebody was indian, they always turned out to be pakistani, so if i had to guess, pakistani. anyway, when the drawing came at 11pm, i didn't match a single number, just like yesterday with the mega millions drawing.