instead of making another omelette, i opted for variety and made some jiu niang soup for lunch. i used my latest batch of fermented glutinous rice (the one with angel leaven) and it so sweet i didn't even have to add any additional sugar. to that i added the remaining container of frozen glutinous rice balls (in assorted colors) and an egg.

after thinking about going all this week, i finally made it to market basket (thursday) in the afternoon. i picked that time figuring there'd be the least amount of people. there was still a line outside but 10 deep and i made it inside after a few minutes of waiting. some of the things i wanted to get they didn't have: dark corn syrup, low sodium spam, and chicken feet. i ended up picking up what i could, but lost count of how many items i had so i checked out in a regular line instead of the 12-items-or-less line.

when i got back home, i went to star market in search of corn syrup and spam. syrup they didn't have, but they did have spam, though at nearly 3x the price i saw at market basket. i called my mother asking if she really wanted it, she said it could wait (until market basket had it back in stock).

i watched the news which was covering the aftermath of what transpired yesterday. late last night close to 4am congress finally certified all the electoral votes, making it official that joe biden and kamala harris won the election, even though it was something we all knew from months ago. trump was eerily quiet - not on purpose - but because all the social media platforms had temporarily banned him. facebook and instagram announced they'd ban him until after inauguration, while twitter would reinstate his account in the afternoon, with the threat that if he made another inflammatory tweet, they'd ban him permanently. once his twitter account was activated, he issued a short video disavowing the actions of the rioters and said there would be a peaceful transition of power. but the language was such that it was obviously written by somebody else and he basically read it off a teleprompter, like maybe he was forced into doing it by his lawyers. the headline today was the growing call to invoke the 25th amendment to replace trump with pence, or even a quick impeachment, neither of which seem like a realistic possibility.

i had a meatball sub for dinner. even though i microwaved the meatballs for nearly 3 minutes, they were still cold, while the tomato sauce was so hot it melted the plastic wrap and was basically the temperature of magma. maybe next time i could steam the meatballs first before warming them up briefly with the sauce? i ate while watching a short life below zero marathon on the national geographic channel.

i also finally finished watching the invitation (2015). i've heard a lot about this movie, said to be one of the better horror films. i've been watching it in pieces via netflix, because it's just too suspenseful, so i can only watch a few minutes before i go do something else. i've actually been watching it for almost 2 weeks now, but today i finally finished. i knew there was something wrong with the wine! the way they kept foreshadowing it by showing everyone drinking the wine over and over again. never drink or eat anything given to you by cult members!