what was supposed to be a day of celebration over twin democratic victories in the georgia senate runoff races turned into a day of outrage when trump supporting rioters stormed the capitol building while politicians and workers went into lockdown during congress' certification of the electoral votes.

i started my day with another omelette and avocado toast for lunch. too lazy to get groceries from market basket (i still have plenty to eat in the house), instead i went down to the cafe to help my mother install an ad block plug-in on her ipad safari browser so she could watch her streaming videos. i told my father he should be watching tv, so he could see republican protest over the electoral vote certification. i knew there was also an ongoing protest happening in DC, where trump held a rally. for some reason he told the protesters to march to the capitol and storm the building, and that's exactly what they ended up doing. it was my father we told me that protesters had breached the capitol.

i managed to crack open the broken tail light that used to belong to LSH. i was trying to pry it open with a flat screwdriver but later realized everything was held in place by a rubber band disguised as a solid plastic piece. once i removed that, i was finally able to get the case open and look inside. nothing seemed out of place, maybe if i replace the lithium ion battery i can get the to work again.

i continued following the news when i got home, the rest of my day consumed by the insurrection coverage. trump remained surprisingly silent while all this was happening, back at the white house watching the chaos unfold. it was president-elect joe biden who first came out to speak, urging trump to call off his supporters. trump did eventually make a short video message, where he half-heartedly told the rioters to go home, but not before repeating again how the election was stolen and the rioters weren't doing anything wrong.

protesters still milled around the capitol until 6pm, when a curfew went into effect and the area surrounding the building started to crowd with police, national guards, and secret service, in full riot gear. where was this protection earlier? seemed too little too late.

to congress' credit, once the building was cleared of danger, they reconvened to finish the certification. partly to show their strength, but also just to get it over with so what was supposed to finished today doesn't drag into multiple days, giving rioters more opportunities to wreck havoc.

while watching the news, i was also updating my year in review for 2020. it was actually kind of fun going through a year's worth of blog posting, creating an index of highlights. even though the pandemic stole a lot of typical events (like the parades), i was surprised at how much i still ended up doing in 2020.

for dinner i heated up a can of soup, trying to eat up my pandemic supplies before they go bad. earlier in the evening my gap order came in, 2 wool sweaters and a package of cotton reusable facemasks. the sweaters are okay, but nothing like the 100% lambswool j.crew brown sweater i wear all the time that's been eaten up by moths over the years but the warmest thing i have and not the least bit scratchy wears like cotton.